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Wanting Another Baby, Is It The Right Time?

Updated on July 13, 2011


Wanting another baby and second pregnancy planning


When it comes to pregnancy, some women don’t like any planning. They just let the things happen by themselves.

Some, on the other side, like to plan everything concerning pregnancy.

If you are one of those women who like, can and are able to plan their pregnancies, you might consider following things before you decide to start planning a baby.

A lot of things happen when a woman becomes a mother and for sometime we are mostly mothers and only a little bit women. So, why not enjoy being mostly a woman, before becoming a mother again.

second pregnancy planning
second pregnancy planning

If you are planning a baby for the second time and want to be devoted to your second pregnancy too, there are some things you might consider before getting pregnant for the second time:


Second pregnancy, getting pregnant while breastfeeding


If you are planning a baby, but are still breastfeeding your first child, getting pregnant might not be the best idea. If you happen to have a period, theoretically you can get pregnant, because you ovulate. But, during breastfeeding, the level of prolactine is still pretty high. And if you got your period despite elevated prolactine, your ovulation and your egg is not quality enough to maintain a healthy pregnancy. If you do get pregnant, there might be a chance you will have a miscarriage.

If you really want to get pregnant, start weaning your child from breastfeeding and let your body get in normal state. Let a few periods go by, allow your hormones to get in normal and then try conceiving a child. If you happen to have problems with your prolactine or even had fertility problems caused by elevated prolactine before your first pregnancy, it’s not a bad idea to check its level and find out if it is still elevated. That way you will act in advance and solve possible problems before your second pregnancy.


Planning a baby and regaining optimum health


If you have been breastfeeding, you probably didn’t take any food supplements or vitamins, because they might not be good for your baby. Maybe you avoided taking some supplements that might be good for your skin, hair or nails, because you didn’t know how they might affect your baby. Besides, by breastfeeding your baby, you constantly lose many nutrients through milk and there is a need for their replacement.

If you stopped breastfeeding, you might check your vitamin and mineral status, to see if you are missing any of them. The critical ones are calcium and omega-3, which many people don’t take enough through food, but are essential for women, especially during pregnancy. You can also take some supplements for your immune system (if you have been stressed or ill lately), such as aloe very juice or royal jelly, which are not recommended if you are breastfeeding.



Taking care of your hair before wanting another baby


Women’s hair is a subject to a major change during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy a new hair starts to grow, while old hair doesn’t fall out. That’s why many women have nice and shiny hair during pregnancy. But, when they give birth and start to breastfeed, suddenly all those old hair starts falling out. And you have a feeling like you’re getting bold. Many women decide to cut their hair short, simply because they handle the hair falling easier that way.

The new hair will grow over time and your hair will look nice again. If don’t want to have your children right one after another, you can give your hair some time to recover. Try some new heir styles, nourish your long hair (if you have it) and enjoy your fancy look before cutting it short again.


Get your body in shape before second pregnancy


Even though exercising during pregnancy is healthy and recommended, its primary goal is to maintain a healthy pregnancy, stay fit and be prepared for giving birth. But after giving birth, exercising might be a problem, especially if you are breastfeeding. It is not recommended to have any physical activity prior to breastfeeding, because breasts are tender and full of milk.

If you stopped breastfeeding and you have someone to take care of your child for a few hours a week, consider having some physical activity to get your body in shape. But in real shape, so you can see yourself as attractive woman instead of only a mother. Visit gym, try yoga or Pilates. Work out those muscles that bother you the most. It’s probably your stomach, legs and your buttocks. It’s important to feel attractive again, so you can accept the changes that will happen with the second pregnancy with more joy.


Spend some time as partners before wanting another baby


During the time when your children are very small, you probably don’t have any personal time. Babies need constant care and at the end of the day you are so exhausted, that you can only go to bed and sleep. You don’t have any need for going out or staying out late. You feel like you are nothing but a mother and everything is dedicated to your child.

Before you start changing diapers and yearning for good sleep again, spend sometime with your partner doing something you haven’t done in a while. Take a short trip in a country, visit new places, stay in a hotel. Even if you take your child with you, you can still have some quiet and relaxing time with your partner in the evening. If you cannot afford to travel, and have somebody to watch over your child for a few hours, go to your favorite restaurant (which you probably avoided because of breastfeeding). It can be Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican or Indian. You can freely enjoy it. Go to the movies or a theater. Make love to your partner.


Enjoy making love as a woman before pregnancy and second motherhood


Making love during pregnancy is different, because there is always that little fear that something might happen to a baby. During breastfeeding, making love can be a little funny, because there is a possibility that a few drops of milk might fall out of your breasts. And if your baby happen to wake up quite often, it can be real tricky to have some relaxing time. It also takes time after giving birth for both partners to start making love like they did before pregnancy.

Although all those things mentioned above don’t influence the quality of love making in any way, you will probably want to enjoy that feeling of totally free love making with your partner. If you stopped breastfeeding and your child is old enough to sleep and stay asleep for longer period of time, you can devote some hours to enjoyable lovemaking. You don’t have to worry about baby waking up and crying, milk dropping out or anything else. You can enjoy making love as a woman. It’s a good thing to have couple of months of that free love making, when you can feel like a wife and a lover, instead of having constant reminder of being a mother.

Planning a baby doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Even though many women don’t really think much about what to do before pregnancy, it doesn’t cost you a thing to stop for a second and ask yourself what you can do to feel equally woman and a mother for some period of time.



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