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Senseless Murder, But we CAN do something...

Updated on May 25, 2014

Murder en Mass

In the wake of yet another mass murder - this one more sinister than the last, or at least outwardly - it's becoming apparent that we have to do something. Gun control is NOT the answer, it's something much more simple than altering our second amendment rights. We need laws to change on a whole different level.

Laws that give officers, judges, hospitals, parents, people in public, roommates, or whomever, the right to be protected when they are threatened is what we need. The young man who commited the murders in California was from a wealthy family, so it's easy to blame them and say they should have concentrated more on their child and less on their successes, but the facts in the case suggest that they had warned others, including calling the police to tell them that he had escalated and was making threats. The police officers who interviewed him found "a nice young man with some social issues, but not a threat to anyone." Why do we not have laws that err on the side of caution anymore? Why do we have to wait until a crime is commited before anyone pays attention to a youtube video in which someone states they are going to kill their roommates and then unleash on society in general? Why isn't a threat of harm enough for a hold, an arrest, a psych evaluation, or anyone's attention? On this, we have to act.
We can't affect change with big pharm - they are in congress's pockets so deep that they will forever be protected for the hundreds of thousands of violent people they've created.
We can't change gun laws, because inherently we all DO have and need the right to protect ourselves - even though I do believe that registration and background checks for buying weapons would weed out a lot of unstable people from buying them (like this guy, who had Aspergers for most of his life and was able to walk right in and legally purchase weapons used in these crimes).
We CAN change laws on the local, state and federal level that make it a crime to threaten any citizen. Just as Homeland Security has laws prohibiting people from entering the country who MIGHT plot against our nation, right here among us there are those for whom laws need to be written and enforced that make it a criminal act to THREATEN to kill someone.
The warning signs, the threats, the was all there, but the way the law reads in almost all states, is that nothing can be done until a crime is committed. A law against threatening to kill someone could have saved countless people's lives, both in California, Connecticut, Colorado and many other places where people have been senselessly murdered by deranged mentally ill people among us. There are ALWAYS warning signs. ALWAYS.
Please, people, talk to your lawmakers in your state. Tell them this is important and needed. Don't let them continue to make bogus laws that don't affect change. Tell them you want REAL change. This type of law would do that. We need the "protection" of the law now more than ever. If this keeps up, many of us won't be around to enjoy any of our rights. WE can all do something. Deliberating about "what" has gone on too long. DO something real, something important.

Speak out because it's not just some town far away from where you are. It's in your neighborhood. A ticking time bomb ready to explode into violence could be on YOUR street. But we can stop it if we want to. DEMAND protective laws that protect us from threatening murderers numbed by prescriptions, pain, mental illness, sadness, alcohol and drug abuse. DO SOMETHING. And may God have mercy on all of us.


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  • Twyla Dorzweiler profile image

    Twyla Dorzweiler 3 years ago

    Hackslap, thank you for your comment. I have a problem with gun laws as a solution to this type of senseless killing - only because the weapons are only the vehicle used. His BMW injured several people too, but we're not talking about banning or restricting the use of BMW's. What needs to happen is pharmaceutical companies need to be held responsible, when the drugs they produce knowingly increase the risk of suicide and homocide, and are given out like candy to anyone with any kind of abnormality or mental illness. They, however, are protected by our congress, their buddies, their allies. We ushered in the HIPPA law which makes private the kind of information that police could have used which could have made a difference in this young man before he went on his killing spree. We cannot take away guns because he used a gun. We need stronger policies and laws involving prescribed drugs, mental illness, and to criminalize the making of a 'threat' to any person. I agree this is no different than a terrorist from another country. He terrorized domestically and my hope is to see ANYONE who threatens bodily harm to another, treated as a domestic terrorist in the future. It's a horrible tragedy but we're fast becoming desensitized to this sort of thing, and that IS the worst that can happen. Thanks again.

  • Hackslap profile image

    Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Bottom line is more needs to be done with the aim cutting the root cause of this senseless violence...time and again it has been proven that the gun laws in America need to be strengthened and nothing seems to be done about it .. do countries not step up security measures when faced with terrorist attacks? ..How different is this to one? ..whether its a a matter of national security or that of a street..a terror attack is what it is and more needs to be done to address the cause...great hub!

  • janshares profile image

    Janis Leslie Evans 3 years ago from Washington, DC

    Excellent post, Twyla. I wanted to write about the impact of yet another mass shooting myself. All I did was tweet links to my articles about senseless, random violence with condolences and a call for prayer. You've said it all here as you speak an important truth about taking action. It is time to move to the next level with our laws. Unfortunately, we often hear of domestic cases where the victim believes she's done everything within the law and still the worst happens. I don't know. You are absolutely right that more needs to be done. Voted up and awesome, and shared.