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Sleep Deprivation

Updated on October 22, 2011

Deprivation means lacking of something. Sleep deprivation means sleeping disorder fallout as lack of sleep. To stay healthy, fit, hale and hearty, and active one must sleep for 8 to 10 hours in 24-hour day.

When one does not get that adequate amount of sleep one feels swings in mood, restless, clumsy, annoying, and sleepy in day times. If you’re one of those who are unable to sleep for 8 to 10 hours a day, it means may be you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. Medically speaking, sleep deprivation is known as Insomnia.

Sleep Deprivation: How It Could Happen?

To meet the hurried swiftness of the world we all have to compromise on our sleeping hours. Every one of us, on an average, gets a sleep of 5 to 6 hours a day, where 8 hours are needed to be healthy and active; mentally and physically.

Slashing of sleeping hours to 5 or 6 from 8, causes sleep debt of an hour or two every day. On weekends, the sleep debt reaches so high that getting a nap for an extra hour or two could not help at all. Increase in sleep debt cause Insomnia or sleep deprivation.

Sleep Deprivation: Why It Happens?

Sleep deprivation can happen because of many reasons; sometimes it is a reaction or side effect of some medications, busy lifestyle can also be a cause of it, health complications and clinical disorders also, in some cases, responsible for sleep deprivation.

  • Side Effect Or Reaction Of Medication

    As we all know there is a reaction of every action. Similarly, there are reactions of medications as well. It does get in the way of your body’s system. This can result some abnormalities and disorders in your digestive system and sleeping system, body aches or tiredness.

    Sleep deprivation can be a reaction of using sleeping pills or very long. When you make sleeping pills a habit, it does mess about body’s natural resting system and consequences leads to sleep disorder or sleep deprivation.

  • Busy Lifestyle

    Busy lifestyles do not give you enough time to get a ‘tight sleep’. Most of the college students also suffering from sleep deprivation just because they are unable to find enough hours to sleep.
  • Clinical Disorder

    Clinical disorder could also hold between you and your dear ‘good night sleep’, because sleeping pattern can be disturbed by any sort of clinical disorder.
  • Health Complication

    Health complications can also cause tiredness, swings in mood, body ache and sleep disorder. If you’re unable to fall or stay asleep for adequate hours then you must consult your physician regarding your health complication.

Sleep Disorder Symptoms

What Are The Warning Sign?

If you’re facing difficulty in concentrating on something or you keep on yawning all day long. If getting up from bed, for you, is biggest task of the day or your feel groggy all the day. Or if you just feel tired all the time. Then, you must get alarmed as these all are signs of sleep deprivation.

Is Sleep Deprivation Harmful? 

Effects of sleep deprivation can be harmful for your mental and physical health. In certain cases, sleep deprivation results in death. It happened mostly with lab animals. Sleep deprivations slowly destroys your immune system.

It disturbed your mind in dealing with complex emotions which results quick swings in moods. It can also be a cause of heart diseases, tremors, short-term (in some cases long-term) memory lose, hypertension and depression.

Sleep Deprivation Treatment

Cure of sleep deprivation is easy. You just have to change your schedules and habit very little and those little changes would make big differences. At very first, try to take a nap whenever you get a chance. Many people avoid it as it disturbs night sleep timing but it can be helpful when you do not get enough hours of sleep at night.

Coffee, tea or anything that is rich in caffeine could also help you in being active all the day. But it is better not to take too much of it otherwise it will lose its effectiveness in your body.Try to get up and have a walk around. Doing some physical activity also help in curing sleep deprivation.

Yes, you have to make little changes in your habits and schedules. Just start imagining yourself as healthy and active, it will help you a lot in being actually healthy and active. As an Irish proverb says, a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s books

Beating Insomnia


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    • profile image

      marion 6 years ago

      I totally agree, I have always been an insomniac and it really effects my mood. Getting a good night's sleep really makes a difference and I agree with you on exercise being good for the mind. Meditation (especially Mindfullness meditation) really relaxes you before you go to bed.