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Water Sports - Surf Girls Fitness and Great Surfing Surfer Quotes

Updated on November 12, 2015

Fitness needs motivation. Fitness and dieting quite simply are hard work. Being thin and beautiful is one objective but the real objective should be something more - something for both you and your family - your health. The young ladies are you are about to meet are inspirational both as elite athletes and as fitness professionals. One lady has shown resiliency in tackling life's obstacles and has overcome a handicap. All of life's obstacles are handled better when we are healthy and fit. Yes, surfing is fun but it demands a fit and healthy body. Learn more about this elite sport, the terminology, the fitness demands and meet the next generation of great ladies who surf. Learn from these wise young ladies and take away some memories to help keep us motivated to exercise and eat right.

Surfing Clothing - Surf Shirt - Rash Guards and Surf Shorts

Female in Black and Turquoise Surf Shirt
Female in Black and Turquoise Surf Shirt | Source
Surfing Shorts in Blue and White
Surfing Shorts in Blue and White | Source
Surf Shirt in Orange and White
Surf Shirt in Orange and White | Source
Surf Shirt - Rash Guard
Surf Shirt - Rash Guard | Source
Surf Short
Surf Short | Source

Surfer Girl Kanuai Malia Manual

Alana Blanchard Bethany Hamilton Jesi Miley-Dyer Steph Gilmore

Great Surfing Quotes

"Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you've done it.

PAUL STRAUCH, Leonard Lueras' Surfing Hawaii

Surfing, alone among sports, generates laughter at its very suggestion, and this is because it turns not a skill into an art, but an inexplicable and useless urge into a vital way of life.

MATT WARSHAW, Maverick's: The Story of Big-Wave Surfing

The balance and patience factors are much more critical in surfing than they are in snowboarding ... if you're out surfing serious waves and you wipe out, you don't land on soft snow. It's usually either very sharp coral, or you get raked across the beach gravel and sand while you're tumbling underwater.

FREDERICK LENZ, Snowboarding to Nirvana

Every now and then, we would hear reports through the grapevine of big-wave riders on the North Shore [of Oahu] drowning, and for the first time I began to understand why so many of the great California surfers never gave the North Shore a try, or if they did, they came back home and never tried it again.

MIKE DOYLE, Morning Glass

In surfing, coming to terms with death -- or at least the possibility -- is an ongoing crisis in big waves. The set is building outside, and it's so beautiful, aesthetically. People are watching in awe from the beach: the blue water, the stiff offshore winds, the 40-foot walls charging in from the open ocean. If you're out there with nothing but your body, your wits and a surfboard, that set can be your coffin.

BRUCE JENKINS, North Shore Chronicles

As for my own surfing, let's just say that when the waves start pushing 10 feet, I get this tremendous urge to make a sandwich.

BRUCE JENKINS, North Shore Chronicles

Surfing expresses ... a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world.

MATT WARSHAW, Maverick's: The Story of Big-Wave Surfing

Surfing is for life.

BRUCE JENKINS, North Shore Chronicles"


Mark Twain Quote on Surf-Bathing

"None but natives ever master the art of surf-bathing thoroughly."

"In one place we came upon a large company of naked natives, of both sexes and all ages, amusing themselves with the national pastime of surf-bathing. Each heathen would paddle three or four hundred yards out to sea (taking a short board with him), then face the shore and wait for a particularly prodigious billow to come along; at the right moment he would fling his board upon its foamy crest and himself upon the board, and here he would come whizzing by like a bombshell!"

Mark Twain


The Surf Uniform - Has it Right

Sports such as surfing and swimming are advertised in the media for their attention getting attire or perhaps lack of attire is a better way to phrase it. Whether water aerobics or swimming for fitness, a swim suit is not the most appropriate garment. Bikinis are great for the magazines and celebrities and private use for sure. Surfing is a sport and has it right - surfing offers a precise uniform that helps guard against sun cancer.

Rash Shirts

Rash shirts are functional and comfortable and protective - both from the friction of movement but also from the harmful sun rays. Also, a great choice for swim fitness classes.

Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are appropriate for fitness - and are common for surfing. Swim shorts are just starting to come of age for swim fitness classes such as water aerobics. Swim shorts, I challenge are more athletic in appearance for swim fitness classes such as water aerobics, aquatic kick boxing and more! Additionally, swim shorts allow the convenience of the quick timeout for a bathroom break - more functional than a one piece suit and looks great too!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"A rash guard is a type of athletic shirt made of lycra or nylon or polyester and intended to be worn in the water. Rash guards are used for light coverage in warm to extreme summer temperatures for several watersports including surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, body surfing, body boarding, windsurfing and kayaking. Rash guards have made their way into many other sports including baseball, football, water polo and soccer as companies like UnderArmor have made them a very popular fashion statement in the sporting industry.

Rash guards are also worn in practice for many grappling martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The primary reasons for their popularity in these sports are the moister wicking properties within the fabric that makes sweat evaporate faster than regular fabrics and their compression fit which limits rash and makes it very difficult for an oppponent to grab you during a match.

A rash guard provides some coverage from sunlight to prevent sunburn. Many have a 25-35 SPF rating to help block out ultraviolet rays from the sun. Companies like Watersports Warehouse ( sell rash guards with a SPF rating of 50+ on all their products. At a rating of SPF 50+ rash guards work better than most sunsreen. A rash guard also provides some protection to the skin in watersports from a "rash" or irritation caused by rapid impact with surface water or a wave.

In surfing, a rash guard offers protection not only from the sun, but also from irritation and rash caused by sliding up on the board. Rash guards are also worn under wetsuits to prevent chafing.

Currently, the rash guard is most often worn when the weather is too warm for a wetsuit, and to prevent wax-based chafing.

Rash guards were originally created in Australia. They are commonly referred to as "rashies" or "rashys" in Australia. Currently 90% of all rash guards available wholesale or retail are manufactured by Watersports Warehouse Inc. located in the United States."

Kudos to the surfing community for having an appropriate "uniform" that is modest in appearance and functional in use.

Surfers - Have it Right - They Know the Value of Exercise

Surfers - Have it Right - Know the Need Great Fitness Clothes and Equipment

Sun Screen - #1 Piece of Equipment After their Surfboard

Whether sun or overcast, don't forget to protect your skin. Everyone burns - everyone must be concerned with sun cancer. The more you love the outdoors, the more you know the importance of protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Especially in overcast weather, sun screen is always needed, remember, the sun is still sending harmful rays even through the clouds.

Don't forget about protecting the environment when applying your sun screen.

Ear Plugs - A Piece of Equipment to Strong Consider

If you don't wear a neoprene surf hood, you might wish to consider ear plugs. Your ears need protection from the constant contact with water.

Feminity with Athletism

Females who surf are extreme athletes. The power and the endurance to fight the elements of the waves is well acknowleged. Perhaps not well acknowledge the world over except for the coastlines where surfing is more prevalent. Sufing is an extreme sport that directly relates to fitness. Surfing sometimes discounted as the beach bum's sport but yet if you view these videos, the strength and skill needed is extreme - men and women alike.

One gentleman aptly stated in the comments of the video as the ultimate mark of high praise: "These are the girls we all want to marry."

Exercise Benefits All Surfers

Great athletes know the importance of a well defined and planned fitness program. Surfing is similar in this regards except to the extreme. Greater endurance, greater strength and greater flexibility are needed because you are competing against the elements, against the waves of the ocean not other humans. Whether paddling to catch the wave or riding the wave, both demand strength, endurance and a strong cardiovascular system. Both for our health and for the sport we love, whether the sport is tennis, golf or the ultimate of all sports - surfing, the fitness demands can be readily defined by 5 essential elements:

A surfing exercise program can benefit any level of surfer, from the wide-eyed beginner, to the grizzled veteran, and everyone in between. Even if you consider surfing just a casual hobby, you don't want to be the guy who exhausts himself after only a few minutes of paddling and then spends most of his time in the water just trying to recover. And for the serious surfer who is already in pretty good shape, see how focusing on five specific areas of surf fitness will take your training to the next level, resulting in immediate improvements on the waves.

So what are the five critical types of surfing exercise that will make you a better surfer?

Five Fundamantals for Fitness and Surfing

1. Cardiovascular Training

30 minutes of cardiovascular training is recommended by American College of Sports Medicine: "Basic recommendations from ACSM and AHA: Do moderately intense cardio 30 minutes a day, five days a week Or Do vigorously intense cardio 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week
And Do eight to 10 strength-training exercises, eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise twice a week."

This will help increase your endurance. Remember, paddling and riding the waves both take a lot of energy. Also, cardio will help your body run efficiently and if you track it, you will see a physical change in your resting heart rate.

2. Resistance Training/Target Toning/Upper Body/Lower Body

The physical demands of surfing require the ability to paddle for long stretches of time, to traverse from the position of paddling to a strong balance stance to hopefully maintaining that stance for an extended period of time. Upper body and lower body both must team together for this ultimate sport called surfing. Strength combined with endurance will determine your surfing ability. Push-ups, lunges, calf raises and other target toning exercises are critical for this fun in the sun yet demanding sport.

3. Core strength and Balance

Core strength and stability add to your ability to effectively combat the force of the waves. Abdominal crunches, exercises on unstable surfaces and planks contribute to the ability to effectively meet the force of the waves.

4. Flexibility

Swim fitness from water aerobics to interval training in the water to water kicking boxing are activities that help your flexibility. Target toning is often mentioned, and target stretching left for the end - but don't ever forget both your warm-up and your ending stretches. Those with back problems know stretching the lower back and the hamstrings are two stretches that are critical to their health. Likewise, these stretches contribute to much needed flexibility when maneuvering your way through the waves on a surf board.

5. Proper Nutrition

Running an elite car's engine requires high octane gasoline. Elite athletes know the muscle demands proper vitamins and minerals. High fat foods, high sugars will degrade your muscle and your skin tone and your surfing performance.

Appearance and Health Go Hand in Hand

Health and fitness and a great natural glow comes from the 5 essential elements detailed above. Loving a sport, training for a sport will allow you to enjoy your life. The ultimate sport of surfing is not for all of us, yet all of us need health.

Surfing is an Elite Sport - Surfing is Motivation for Fitness

Surfing is perhaps the most elite of all water sports. Harnessing the power of the waves, riding the waves, handing the rip curl are skills any great athlete would be proud of. Watching the videos, you can readily see the agility and power and endurance these athletes must master.

Surfing is a Culture of its Own

Similar to any great sport, there are terms unique only to that sport. A few of the terms are provided below to give a reference point for this sport that is more than an elite sport, it has its own sub culture complete with a new vocabulary. These words are needed to adequately describe the action movements. What is your favorite surf word?

Surfing Terminology

"amped - charged up, stoked.

air - surfer and board jump out of the the top of the wave with fins out of the water

aerial - an airborne manoeuvre also used in snowboarding

backdoor - entering a tube from behind the peak

bail out - diving off your board to avoid a wipeout

beach break - waves that are breaking over a sandy bottom [see waves]

blown out - when the wind has stirred up the surf to the point that it is unrideable

boardie - kayakers term for a surfer

booger - another word for a bodyboarder

barrel - where the wave is hollow when it is breaking. Also called a Tube

bashing - body surfing

bomb - an unusually large wave

boost - getting airborne off the lip

bump - a swell

bumps - the build-up of wax on a surfboard deck

carve - turning on a wave. A classic surfing move

closeout - a wave that breaks all at once

crew - a group of surfers defined by break or area

cross step - crossing one foot over the other as you move up and down your surf board

cutback - reversing the direction that you are surfing in one smooth move. A 180 degree turn

dawn patrol - surfing at sunrise

deck - the top of your board. Its where you stand

ding - this is a dent or puncture hole in your board. It will need repairing

dropping in - catching someone else's wave. Not a good thing to do

duck dive - diving under an oncoming wave as you paddle out

dune - a big peaky wave

fakie -riding backwards on a surf board with the tail first

face - the front part or face of the wave [see waves]

fan - a fan of spray off a turn

fin - the curved triangular bit under your surfboard. You know what I mean

fish - A shorter thicker board

fluff - throws a waterfall shoreward

foamies - surfboard made out of foam for beginners

funboard - Designed for small waves and beginners.

gash - sharp turn

glassy - smooth waves caused by little or no wind

going off - huge swell breaking on a reef

goofy foot - a rider who surfs with right foot as the lead foot and the left foot as the back foot [see goofy]

green room - inside a large barrel

grommet - young surfer. Don't you just hate it

gun - a surfboard made for big wave riding. Definitely not a beginners board

hanging five - longboarding term for dangling your five toes over the nose of the board while trimming along the face of the wave

hang ten - when a surfer has all ten toes dangling over the nose of the board. This is hard to do

hoodad - a beginner or non-surfer

in the soup - when a surfer is in the white foam of the wave after the wave has broken

kook - first time surfer. We were all there once

layback - a surfing move where the surfer lays backwards on a wave

lip - tip of a breaking wave curling or plunging down

locals - a bit obvious this. People who close by and surf regularly at the same spot

nose - pointy bit of the surfboard and the bit that points away from you when you are surfing

pack - a group of surfers in a lineup

peak - the part of the wave which is about to break

pipeline - everyone has heard of this one. Classic Hawaiian wave, barrelling and dangerous

planker - surfer to a bodyboarder

pop - kickout

pumping - above average large swell

quiver - a surfer's collection of boards or a board bag that holds several boards

regularfoot - left-foot forward as your stand on your board

rip - to surf really well or a strong under current in the ocean [see waves]

shaper - someone who shapes surfboards in the making process

scab - a reef or rock

schlong - thick, long, old style single-fin surfboard

shark biscuit - body boarders

shubee - a tourist who buys surfing gear, dresses surf, but has never surfed

soup - whitewater

sponger - a bodyboarder, because the bodyboard looks like a big sponge

stoked - ready and psyched up for a surf, full of enthusiasm

stuffed - getting driven under the water by a wave coming down on you

tail - bit of the surfboard at the opposite end to the nose. Obvious really

thrashed - when a wave bashes you

tow-ins - getting towed into waves that are too big to paddle

tube - the cone shaped hole created where the wave is hollow where it is breaking

twinfin - a the name suggests a two fin surfboard

twinzer - a four- fin surfboard

vertical - turn straight up the wave

waffling - rapidly working the board back and forth

wahine - the Hawaiian word for female, used for describing a female surfer

wannabe - wan-na-be, someone who wants to be a surfer, wears the clothes and talks the talk but can't surf

wax - used on deck of boards for traction. It's made from paraffin, colour and other additives

wave height - the distance between the wave bottom or trough and the crest

wavelength - the distance between wave crests

wipe out - falling off your board in a big way

zoo - means a crowded surf lineup. Example: "The lineup's a zoo today."

Zoozoo2 - only the coolest organic cotton t-shirts for surfers in the world

Surfing Quotes - Mind Numbingly Sexy

So I think it goes without saying that there's something mind-numbingly sexy about a chick that can surf as good or better than you. Go ahead Malia, drop in on me.

PK - Keep Leucadia Funky

Surf Girl Admiration

"These are the girls we ALL want to marry."

comment on one of the surf girl videos

Bethany Hamilton Tells Her Story

Surf Girl Videos

Surfer Girl Kanaui Malia Manual Video

Kaua’I is an island in the beautiful state of Hawaii, United States. Kauai is the fourth largest in the Hawaiian Archipelago (an archipelago is a chain or cluster of islands). Malia Manual is an exceptional athlete. Watch her rides the Hawaiian waves.

Stephanie Gilmore by PodSurf.TV

World surfing champion, Stephanie Gilmore is an Australian professional surfer and triple world champion on the Women's ASP World Tour (2007, 2008, 2009). Stephanie keeps a great blog:

Next Generation Roxy 2007

Sunset Beach: Roxy Pro Trails, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset Beach in an outlying state in the United States of America called Hawaii (the only state to be comprises completely of islands, Barack Obama is the only President born and raised from Hawaii) is said to have one of the longest beaches in Oahu. Oahu is the third largest of the islands of Hawaii (the Big Island and Maui are both larger). Oahu is the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii with major tourist spots such as Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head in its reportier. Oahu also home to an U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Surfing girls for the next generation in this video range from an amazing age of only 14 to 18. These women are an inspiration to all of us who struggle with fitness. Look at the strength and the balance they must master to tackles these massive waves. These young ladies are outstanding athletes:

Carissa Moore

Sally Fitzgibbons

Alisah Gonsalves age 14

Lee Ann Curren

Bethany Mailani Hamilton Came within Two Inches of Her Life and Returned 3 Weeks Later

Bethany Meilani Hamilton (born February 8, 1990 in Kaui, Hawaii is an American surfer who survived a shark attack in which she lost her left arm. Bethany overcame her debilitating injury to return to surfing three weeks later! On October 31, 2003, Bethany lost her left arm to a 14 foot tiger shark. Reports detail IF the shark had bitten two inches higher, Bethany would have lost her life.

Surfing - Elite Sport and Elite Female Athletes Celebrated

Surfing is an elite sports with elite female athletes.

Celebrating these super stars showcases their determination and will power and their athletism.  The personal traumas not seen behind their young faces, the force of will, the builing of muscle and endurance is what motivates us.  Celebrating these young elite female athletes is an inspiration for all of us worldwide.


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    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      2 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Hi Leslie,

      I always appreciate expert sources - thank you very much!

      Happy surfing!

    • Leslie Parks profile image

      Leslie Parks 

      3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing all of this. I also wanted to share a great surfing oriented retailer, Surf Outfitter. They have a wide variety of surf wear plus other surf related items. Check them out at

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Yes real beauty of a girl does not lies on facial or body beauty but lies somewhere else.

    • readabook profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      I like learning the surfing terminology. There are days when I feel "stuffed" and I am not a surfer but the analogy is appropriate.


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