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Symptoms of Acute Asthma and How to Prevent Exercise Induced Asthma

Updated on January 26, 2015

Symptoms of Acute Asthma

There are many people who are victims of the acute asthma and they are very much severe and are much frightening.

Basically asthma is known to be a chronic disease and most of the people are suffering from this disease all around the world. This disease shows up when the airways are become narrow and inflamed and the person feels hard to breathe well.

There is mucus and bronchial constriction which may also cause any further suffering. Because of all these conditions the inability of the body produces regarding ventilate of the air sacs within the lungs which may lead to distress.

The persons have to suffer from the wheezing and also from the shortness of the breath. Sometimes people have to suffer from an acute asthma attack if the symptoms are severe and they do not get the quick aid for controlling the condition.

Following are some of the symptoms of the acute asthma attack:

  • Physical exhaustion
  • Rapid breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Problem in talking
  • Marked recession
  • Coughing
  • Paradoxical pulse when the pulse rate is weak during inhalation and strong during expiration.
  • Turning blue due to limited oxygen
  • Pain and constriction in the chest
  • Numbness in limbs
  • Lack of consciousness
  • The highest level of the respiratory flow becomes less than 50%
  • Feet felt to become icy
  • Sweating of the Palm

The patients can prevent the acute asthma if they pay attention to the symptoms and signs that symbolize that still their condition is not in control.

Most of the people just avoid getting the medical aid which is very harmful for them and this is a big mistake that they make as they think that the gulping and wheezing appears to be got better.

If they have to face such conditions like lack of consciousness and lips turning blue then they must realize it that now they are facing serious condition or the acute asthma attack which demands medical intervention as soon as possible to prevent the death.

How to Prevent Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise is one of the best ways to cure the conditions of the asthma but for some people if there is no solution of the induced asthma then it can becomes a trouble for them.

Exercise induced asthma can become one of the most trouble ailments that people can have. So, to avoid this situation people who have the problem of asthma must know and learn that how they can cure this.

Fortunately, for most of the people who have the problem of the exercise induced asthma, it is not necessary to take any kind of the medicines, until or unless they have to be engaged in the physical activities regularly.

If they want to participate in the physical activities like most of the people like to play different kinds of the games then they have to take any medication which can be helpful in preventing the attack. Like there are different inhalers available for the exercise induced asthma.

You are already very well aware of the condition of yours that you have to face while exercising if you have the problem of the asthma. So, you must know that you have to take any kind of the preventions to avoid these situations and for doing the normal exercise.

Avoiding the real asthma attack is the best thing you must do if you know that you have to face the problem after triggering one.

Use any inhalers which are specially made for avoiding the exercise induced asthma attacks. You can use it before exercising.

Inhalers like the bronchodilator are used by most of the people all around the world and are known to be best to avoid the high asthma attack. There are two types of the inhalers; one is for the shorter time and other is for longer time. You can choose the one according to your condition.


Natural Treatment of Childhood Asthma

It is not necessary that you can have the treatment of the childhood asthma from only the doctor’s office; you can also have the natural treatment in home for this.

Some studies show that there are some things which can cause the childhood asthma and which are applied by the doctors like antibodies and vaccines.

It is the fact that Health Department in Australia and Department of Social Security in UK admit that there is an association between antibodies and asthma.

There is another department which also admits that there may be a possibility that the immune system can be affected by the vaccines which are applied by the administrations and because of them allergies can be occurred which can lead to the childhood asthma.

Because of all these reason parents must realize the fact that natural treatment for asthma can be best for their children.

Marine phytoplankton is one of the best natural treatments which are available for the childhood asthma. Marine phytoplankton is the treatment which is developed from the ocean life and having the very affective combination of the healthy and life giving nutrients including vitamins, omega3 essential fatty acid and proteins.

Most of the people in the America are just living on the land based food which does not have all the nutrients and they really need the whole nutrients for the perfect health. Marine phytoplankton provides the rest of the important nutrients and maintains and promotes the optimum health.

Many of the researchers who are interested in the natural treatment of the childhood asthma realize that if there is a limited exposure to the sources of the ultraviolet rays and even to sunlight can easily reduce the possibilities of asthma.

There are some research departments like the Institute for the Child Health Research and Asthma Foundation of WA held the research that the ultraviolet rays have the ability to reduce the disease of asthma and they experimented on the mice.

Inhalers for Asthma to Prevent Severe Attack

Inhalers for asthma are just like life savers to the patients who suffer from the asthma attacks.

Inhalers for the asthma have the ability to provide the safety net to the people who have the disease of asthma.

Patients must have to keep it with them all the time so when they have the attack of asthma they can use it for controlling the condition because sometimes the person is alone and there is nobody to help him. The inhaler can be a good helper for him in that situation and give him little relief in breathing.

Canister is one of the common inhalers for asthma that functions in a way that it delivers the mediation for asthma via nebulizer and that mediation reaches in the form of mist.

These inhalers for asthma are not new but they have been used for about hundred of years but they have now become so much improved which can deliver higher potency and absorption to the patient.

The medication is just changed with the passage of time but the basic principle or you can say the basic shape of the inhaler is the same.

When you see the person suffering from the asthma attack which is due to the reason that the muscles which are present in the bronchial tubes just become congested and this situation causes the person to face the hard condition of breathing.

If such people have the inhalers of asthma with them then these are very affective in a way they help them in relaxing the muscles and also help the person to breath in a proper and controlled way.

Doctors also advise to the asthma patient that they must take the medication from the inhalers for asthma before going to sleep at night and even in the morning when they wake up.

What is Exercise Induced Asthma?


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