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Psychopathy - Symptoms of a Psychopath - The True Criminal Mind

Updated on January 9, 2011

Psychopathy the Symptoms

Robert Hare, whose Hare Psychopathy Checklist is widely used, describes psychopaths as "intraspecies predators".

Glib and superficial charm; The tendency to be charming, smooth,slick, engaging and verbally facile. A psychopath is not afraid to say anything nor do they get tongue-tied. A good example is they do not follow social conventions about taking turns in talking.

Grandiose estimation of self (exaggeratedly high); self-idealization or grandiosity promotes narcissistic over-estimation of the self.

Need for stimulation; particularly likely to seek out and respond favorably to complex, interesting, and intense stimulus situations.

Pathological lying; the repeated utterance of untruths; the lies are often repeated over a period of years, with the lies eventually becoming a lifestyle.

Cunning and manipulativeness ; their ability to distort the truth.

Lack of remorse or guilt; unable to feel regret or have a bad conscience over responsibility of their actions.

Shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness); lack of empathy, incapacity for love, lack of guilt or remorse.

Callousness and lack of empathy ; inability to identify with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.

Parasitic lifestyle ; An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others.

Poor behavioral controls ; unable to act or behave in the norm.

Sexual promiscuity; In human sexual behavior, promiscuity denotes sex with relatively many partners.

Early behavior problems; some examples are hitting, pushing, yelling, picky eaters, tantrums, fighting with peers, problems sleeping and so on.

Lack of realistic long term goals; only out for the now, has no regard for the future.

Impulsivity; acting on the moment use little or no forethought.

Irresponsibility: I think this needs no explanation, we all know irresponsibility.

Failure to accept responsibility for own actions; always someone else's fault, can't admit when wrong.

Many short term martial relationships; Married several times or lives with a partner for very short periods of time.

Juvenile delinquency; legal problems as a youth, always in trouble at home or school.

Revocation of conditional release; like violating parole and going back to jail.

Criminal versatility; Can and will do anything illegal with a great variety.

Do You Know A Psycho?

I'll bet if you look at the list above you will see several symptoms of someone you know or love. My own son fits some of them, its scary to think about it. I only know of one person that really fits all the symptoms of a Psychopath, and that is my daughters ex husband. I can't go into detail with out her permission, but I think he is a true psychopath. Thirty something years old 4 children by e different women. Married 4 times. He has a rap sheet listing crimes from crack to arson. Co-dependent on others, an excellent con man, the list goes on.

If you know someone like this be careful, they are very dangerous people.

Some famous or well know Psychopaths:

Jeffery Dahmer, murdered 20 men between 1978 and 1991.

John Wayne Gracey Jr., convicted and executed for rape and murder of 33 boys and men.

Ted Bundy, actual number unknown but suspected of over 100 murders of young women from 1974 - 1978.

And one that every knows about Jack The Ripper know for killing prostitutes in 1888.


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    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      I wonder how many people there are in this world like that... too many.

    • DoreenLittlefield profile image

      DoreenLittlefield 7 years ago from Northeastern USA

      Your hub was informative and I'm glad I saw it. I'm following Hare's research (and research set in motion by Hare's work) into psychopathy, my condition. I'm on Luvox and several other meds and in strict mandatory therapy which, though it cannot cure my damaged brain, has alleviated the hate I carried for years to enough of a degree that I no longer feel the urge to hurt people unless they strike out at me. In any case I'm in the unusual position of being a helper for a family going through cancer loss and grieving; several others of my kind have caused them great pain. Although I cannot feel moral outrage for this, I'm not particularly pleased about it. I therefore act as a buffer of sorts to protect their raw feelings whilst dealing with such individuals. Detractors of this family's public service activities find that I do not respond as expected when they deal with me!

    • profile image

      deema 7 years ago

      yeah i know alot of people like this. Some things so horrible to hear what they admit that they have done in their past lives. Its so sad, crazy and just psychoness.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Iv,e known one person like that

      very scary.

      enjoyed your hub.

    • JannyC profile image

      JannyC 7 years ago

      Wow great hub and informative.

    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      I have survived being such a person. I will pray for you.