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Updated on September 30, 2012

Bone Health


Feeling empty inside

Cannot find peace

Somewhere out there, I want to find me.

No one understands the pain and anguish of what I am going through

I am vexed and do not know what to do.

Hopelessness, despair, isolation from who I use to be.

No light at the end of the tunnel, too dark to see.

How many times must I start over?

Always looking over my shoulder

Wondering where did I go wrong

Agonizing for that place inside of me called home

There is nothing inside of me

I look in the mirror and I hate who I see

Who is this woman, she is definitely not me!

Copyright 2011. PFP

The above poem was written by a woman who in all aspects lost her indentity. She had given up hope from being frustrated with her weight gain, aging and life itself. In her own words she admitted she was not growing old gracefully. She was depressed. Her doctors had been telling her for years with the proper diet and exercise she could possibly reverse some of her health issues. It all begin when she was diagnosed with Osteoporosis (loss of Bone Density) and was told this limited her from doing most exercises due to the risk of bone injury. Discouraged and overwhelmed she settled with being fearful of exercise due the risks involved. Becoming overweight she began suffering with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and before long she was diagnosed with High Cholesterol (linked to blocked ateries leading to strokes, heart attacks, heart disease and death). Enough was enough! After writing her poem she got back in the fight. She was motivated to save herself; she no longer was going to let these diseases defeat her. She began working out with Wii Fitness, just to get moving. She returned for a doctor's visit and found she had dropped from 188lbs to 163 lbs. Her blood pressure was controlled enough that her doctor reduced the dosage of one of her blood pressure medications. Just from playing Tennis, Cycling and Boxing with Wii Fitness her health was improving. She also found she was no longer held down by depression. So she began researching the internet for more safe exercises she could do and to her surprise she found enough to meet her health goals and battle her diseases. Unable to afford healthcare she is subjected to being in a medical care program at a teaching hospital. Her and many others like her are merely human lab rats and most of them come up with shot in the dark diagosis. She has one doctor for six months and then another one and on and on. So she has been dealing with different doctors with different views about if she should or should not exercise since 2008. Although Wii Fitness is just a video game of sorts, it motivated her to get up and move and keep on moving. She became proactive about her own health and saw results that favored she could do something against the diseases that attacked her body. "I would advise anyone to seek medical consent before taking on "any" exercise or diet program." She was lucky and no harm came to her from not seeking her doctor's consent; but, then we are all different. It's important to include your doctor with your exercise program. After this she became ill and was unable to exercise so she fell back into her old life style needless to say she regained 20 of those lost pounds. What motivated her to get back on the exercise horse is when her mother who has been battling high cholesterol for the past two years was put on heart medication. She began seeking safe exercises for her mother to do to help reduce her blood pressure and high cholesterol. She began learning how different exercises could actually reduce the numbers in high blood pressure and cholesterol. Her daughter bought her an Gold's Gym Exercise Body Cycle and she begin using it. She noticed the difference after the first use. This encouraged her to cycle as many times a week as she could. Each session she would do 30 minutes and as time passed she noticed she was losing inches this is when she really begin researching the internet of how exercising appropriately would benefit her. She begin to tell her mother about what she was learning and this has motivated her mother to begin exercising on the cycle as well, since she is witnessing the transformation of her daughter and her commitment to getting back healthy. Seeing her results thus far has motivated me to write about her progress and what she is doing to get healthy again. The biggest changes I am noticing is in her appearance, she is not only reducing in size but her skin has taken on a more youthful appearance. Her personality has changed and she now eats healthier. She no longer craves for sweets and she eats smaller portions of food. She says she eats enough to be satisfied and not full. Research has shown that if you eat small portions of food six times a day you will trick your body into burning more calories and you will have more energy to exercise as opposed to large portions and becoming full and tired with no energy left for exercise. Eating until you are full will cause loss of energy, more caloric intake which will cause more weight gain (obesity) and over time your metabolism will slow down, you will burn less calories than you consume and the rest is stored fat which will lead to Hypertension, High Cholesterol and an overall blah feeling. She is loving her exercise routine and therefore this is what makes her stick with it. She does warn in the beginning to look at your body as an old car that has been sitting up for a long length of time. Like the car the fumes and noises from just sitting will come out; therefore, it may be best if you start out on your exercise routine alone, so you will not offend others. LOL. Now let's be begin, as I mentioned earlier she started out with Wii Fitness by playing tennis, table tennis, boxing and cycling. The game dvd came standard with the Wii system at the cost of $300 ; but I am sure the price has fallen drastically. She did this for at least a month 3-4 times a week, 30 minutes per game which totaled 2 hours per session and lost 25 lbs. As with anything if you feel tired please take a few breaks in between. The key with any exercise is keeping your heart rate up! It is recommended you have your doctor schedule you for an stress test to determine your "safe" maximum heart rate (MHR). Once this has been determined your goal is to be at least between 55-65% of your MHR in order to see results. I am happy to say that I have joined her and her mother and have lost 4 lbs over the last two weeks. I have noticed my blood pressure has decreased and I feel so much better. Exercising for me is challenging and I love the clarity and state of well being I feel. Like her I took the internet and did research. I have found to keep your exercise sessions interesting as well as challenging it is good to change up. I have reduce my caloric intake, removed sugar from my diet and is resting more. Below I have posted the the links I use to research, my routine and equipment. Remember you must be committed. Be disciplined. Be smart. Here goes!



(2) SPORTLINE S7 7-function ECG HEART RATE WATCH ($30)

(3) SAUNA SUIT (Optional) (below $10)

(4) Altus Athletic 10-Pound Standard Ankle / Wrist Weights (below $20)

(5) Altus Resistance Bands (below $20)

(6) Gold's Gym Circuit Trainer 36" Mini Trampoline or Regular 36" Mini Trampoline (below $

(7) Abdoer (optional) (below $300 New) (below $150 third party sites) #

(8) Gold's Gym Upper and Lower Body Cycle (between $26-$30)

Before 3 1/2 years ago, I was what many called an exercise freak, so, I invested in different equipment; I left the big bulky equipment for the Gym. However, I did join a Gym before stopping 3 1/2 years ago and to me it was not worth the extra effort such as driving to the Gym, waiting on certain equipment, the high cost of beverages and no privacy. I find I am more inclined to stick with my routine if I have privacy. I suffer from Mysophobia so this really made going to the gym difficult as well as discouraging.

Why Rebounding On The Mini Trampoline Is So Beneficial: I found rebounding somewhat challenging in the beginning because my legs were weak from not exercising. I could only stay on it for 2 minutes at a time. Now I am stay for at least 8 minutes at time after two weeks of keeping at it. I am still in the stage of the "body bounce" and I burn at 600 calories for 30 minutes. I recommend those who have problems with balance to use the mini trampoline with handle bars for stability.

The Importance Of Monitoring Your Heart Rate: For all my exercises my Proline PS7 watch to monitor my heartrate and calories I am burning.

The Benefits Of Resistance Bands: I have found that resistance bands work just as well regular weights for strengthening your muscles and they are much easier to manage in my aerobic workouts.

Sauna Suits:


These sweat suits act as a heat trap. Your body has a much harder time cooling itself while wearing one, and your core temperature can potentially rise to dangerous levels if you exercise in one of these suits

I recommend wearing "only" the top or bottom; not both. I wear my top once a week during an one hour workout session just to rid myself of excess water weight. It's very important during this hour session you monitor your heart rate, drink fluids and take at least 3 breaks. I would not want anyone to suffer from dehydration or heat stroke.

Abdoer: I only recommend the Abdoer for those who have problems standing or for those like myself to do moderate aerobic exercises on. It's only as effective as standard crunches done on the floor; but without the pain for your abs. I love the resistance and control.

Angle And Wrist Weights: I use these when exercising from moderate aerobics, to walking, on the trampoline and leg lifts. They have made my legs stronger and I really love using them when cycling. Warning! Please read this hub on the risks of Angle and Wrist Weights: I do not make it a practice to use these weights no more than 30 minutes at a time, once a week.

The most important thing for one to remember when thinking about exercising is you must dedicated. You must change your diet and you must get rest. I removed sugar, went from whole to skim milk, plus I added Chicory with my coffee and drink green tea. So far, I am burning the needed calories and keeping up on my routine. My most important tool is God. Be positive, keep the faith and workout! God Bless.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved PFP.

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    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you. I am glad you found it informative. Exercise is beneficial in more ways than one. I am loving it!

    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image


      6 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Exercising has benefited me a lot. I was overweight, a great deal, and have lost a hundred pounds. Though I will admit to suffering a great deal with mental illness at least physically I am doing better. Blood pressure is lower. Bones ache less. Very informative hub. Love how you shared the poem as well. Voted up.


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