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Taking A Look Of Life Down the New Jersey Shore of gorgeous beach and area.

Updated on August 27, 2015

Plans and New Ways, August 2015

With God daily loading us with benefits, I am now beginning again to write of more survival techniques for us Shea's and for looking over for the Keifer's and all. As much as I do love

my nephews, I do think that they are never seen of things to do visible and of things to do invisible, that now and I love to say right now for my life has become. And after having been to do that everywhere all over the United States Of America since I do like to do and I am to do, maybe I need to do it by writing and reading and doing things like writing articles that were in online and books that I have written and placed online and while I was seeking to capture an essence that God has given me and now I am experiencing life by the sea and the sea does not change nor does God Himself. Even if I didn't reap what I was sowing, I will keep right on sowing every kind of freedom and every kind of grace and every kind of friend and every kind of family member.

We do know Jesus is God and maybe I will find Jesus daily as we make prayers to God so.

And the truth is, we prayed and prayed and all of my life has been prayers and readings of the Holy Bible too often.

What now with a spouse and a new boyfriend and I am leaving Philly after some 22 years there.

And you know this is the Way, I am that before, prior to that and before that's on. Maybe I will be living in sweet Cape May, New Jersey.

Is that all, Sherry? For I sure would have to say yes, we bet our life, Jesus the Christ!

And by my folks, lovers that they were, they love to do things and to fix and to make and to build

and I do trust God that we will do. God has, we abide.


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