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Tap Water Test Results | Brita Filtered Tap Water | Remove Heavy Metals in Tap Water

Updated on April 14, 2012

Where Does Your Water Come From? Mountain stream, lake, well, nearby reservoir, tower or through Osmosis?

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Fresh Stream
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Under Ground Well | Source
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Local Reservoir
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Fresh Water Lake
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Mountain Stream

Want Good Tasting Tap Water? So do I

Yes, so does my family. It is always a mystery as to what trace amounts of toxins and minerals exist in the tap water being consumed in the drinking supply. No matter where you live in the country, water can taste different from season to season and especially after a big rainstorm. It truly depends where that water source is coming from that makes the difference. I understand in some areas the reservoir gets a particular algae growth on it that supposedly makes no concern for drinking, but it certainly makes the water taste funny at certain times of the year. Taking matters into our own hands, my family decided to no longer worry about what is in the water and called Culligan to come test the water. Our intention was to purchase a whole house water filtration system and we did just that.

Are You Tired of Hearing About The Water Shortage? Does This Information Concern You?


What Is Reverse Osmosis? Where Can It Be Incorporated In Our Society To Aid In Water Usage?

A simple answer is:  Reverse osmosis is a way to filter seawater by removing large molecules and ions through pressuring a solution that passes through a membrane which creates drinkable water.  Naval Ships and Cruise lines have been successfully using reverse osmosis for quite a long time since it would impossible to carry the amount of water needed on board.  to me, it is a serious answer to our water shortage problem, but at what expense?  Wouldn't you think we should be pumping governmental subsidies into this area instead of off shore oil drilling? What if the huge building within major cities were all self-sufficient is supplying the water for restrooms and restaurants?  What would that do for our water shortages?  What if big industries that used large amounts of water had there own reverse osmosis capabilities? How about the theme parks?  What is more important, water or oil? Now that is an interesting question for the bureaucrats. With global warming, acid rain, toxin waste dumping, nuclear blasts of ions settling into water, smoke clouds blowing over our open water supplies, pollution etc. What small residual particles are we drinking  from the water sources in our communities who say our water is drinkable.  What does drinkable actually mean? In my book that means that things exist in the water that are small enough to be acceptable by the standards of the government.  I am not sure that is acceptable drinking water for me and my family.   


What Do You Think Culligan Said About Our Well Water?

The well water had trace minerals like limestone, which made for hard water. It did test positive for Iron and that was what we were looking for in the test. We did not want our water to contain heavy metals of any kind. While the professional water guru was testing our water lines, we asked to test the faucet where the Brita filtered water is dispensed. Amazingly, the iron was completely removed by the filtering system. The water professional told us that our well water tested quite well and he seemed very surprised at just how well. The Brita filtered water sample tested by the guru was not discernable for any iron whatsoever. That made us feel great about our Brita system and have even more confidence in the product line. The only thing that it would not do was kill bacteria that may appear in the well water at some later time, so we went ahead and purchased the whole unit as a permanent addition to our overall health in the future.

Bottled Water Move Over, Here Comes the Filtered Travel Bottle

While I was looking to purchase replacement filters for my Brita online, I discovered a new product line by Brita that will definitely be next on the list of gift purchases. What a great idea!!! So many people refill the empties with filtered tap water anyway....this way we can filter water wherever we are, at any time. I love the concept.  I've attached the link.


These are some things that I do to try to help save in general water usage. What can you add?

  • Do not leave the water running when rinsing dishes or brushing teeth. Yes, it is kind of a pain to keep turning on and off the water, but it does save a lot over the course of the month.
  • When refilling the doggy bowl, use the remaining water to water the plant nearby. This small step will save gallons, if you have dogs and plants.
  • If you have a dripping water faucet, fix it immediately. The part will cost less than the water bill.
  • If your hose is leaky, get a new one.
  • Set your sprinklers for no more than 5 minutes at a time to avoid run off. That is such a pet-peeve of mine to see water running down the street from someone's overwatering. I don't care if they are paying for it or not. It is such a waste of our precious supply.
  • Turn the sprinklers off when it rains!!! Hello are we that lazy?
  • Take short showers, if you are going to stand in there for 30 minutes, take a bath instead and save the water!
  • Add a water saving device to your toilet tanks if you do not already have the more efficient style tank.
  • Heat up small amounts of hot water needed for something in the micro wave instead of letting the water run at the sink waiting for hot water to come through the lines!!! This is a big one. Sometimes I know I have waited for minutes to get hot water just to wash up a spill. It will save a huge amount of water over the course of a year and you will feel better about it.
  • Do not ask for water at a restaurant if you are not going to drink it,or ask them not to bring it if they do automatically. It not only saves the water, but the water it will take to wash the glass you did not use.
  • Adjust the water level in the washer to accommodate the size load .
  • Only use the dishwasher when it is full and for the short wash, it is usually just fine. Wash big pots by hand, it gives more room for smaller items that take more water to rinse if washing in the sink.




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    • jaswinder64 profile image


      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada.

      Good hub with a tons of information and thanks for following me.

    • Growblogg profile image


      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Thanks Golf gal! 55 hubs!! I'll check the others out too.

      I always thought tap water tasted 'funny' as a kid my parents always saved spring water from up north, or I was drinking right out of the mountain streams! But as this is not always practical and i live in the city..and i have been looking for ways to cut on gas and still be green, now I brita everything and also yes since a few days run taps for about 2-3 mins in the morning only then save start bottling the clean water to use for cooking and refilling the housepet's water etc for the next few days..its getting pretty labor intensive though.

      Might try to engineer a way to save the initial run though for gardening etc..will see how that goes when the weather is better. Will post some step by step handy-girl thing and share :o)

    • Golfgal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thank you for your comments Growblogg, you are very right. The professional water tester did actually run my water for a minute or so to get the old water out of the lines and the water actually coming from the well into the tubes for testing. Also, the water used was from the bathroom tap and not the kitchen where the filter was attached. What you say is true and another really good reason to have a filtration system of some kind whether it be attached or separate like a brita pitcher for drinking and cooking. The water you are using from your kitchen tap that has been laying in the water line contains whatever is touched within the line itself. Water filtration systems usually remove those elements of metals and chemicals. That is why when they tested the water that came from the Brita filter, it was perfectly fine, no iron or other metals were found.

    • Growblogg profile image


      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Funny though on the not running water idea, I have conflicting opinions. Just about all of your recommendations I agree with. But yesterday in light of some new information I was reading up on I decided to look up my local water filtration centre and they strongly recommend running your tap water for 4 or 5 minutes every morning to get the lead out..but really to get the flow going so you dont have the buildup and sediments from sitting stagnant in a line potentially soldered with lead at some time or other.

      This is for city type water sources and not meant as advice for people with wells, but interested in your opinion fromt the research.

      I'm torn there 4-5 minutes is a lot of water!. Definitely rather drink safe water than not though.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very useful and informative article & i thoroughly agree


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