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The Correct Way To Eat Fruits For Optimum Nutrition

Updated on August 6, 2009

Some Of The Most Beneficial Fruits!

potassium, magnesium, vitamin E & fiber,has Vitamin C twice that of orange
antioxidants & flavonoid which enhances the activity of Vitamin C
antioxidants (prevents blood clogging arteries and cancer)
Vitamin C (lowers cholesterol, dissloves kidney stones,lessens risk of colon cancer)
glutathione (boosts immune system),vitamin C & Potassium, lycopene( the cancer fighting antioxidant)
Vitamin C & fiber (prevents constipation)
Vitamin C & carotene (good for eyes)
Some Of The Most Beneficial Fruits!

Fruits, are those bright, juicy natural wonders with a rich supply of nutrient goodness for you and me available according to season and the part of the world one resides in. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an oft quoted adage. Fruits are succulent and rich in antioxidants. According to the nutrition experts,the recommended portion of fruits and vegetables per day is a minimum of 5 servings.

Why You Should Eat Fruits And Vegetables

This hub talks of the need to eat your fruits and vegetables everyday for optimal health and performance of the body.

When should we eat fruits?

We often tend to just cut a fruit, and pop it into our mouths after a meal. Let us examine what the researchers say about this.

As an example,if you were to eat a fruit after eating a meal, the fruit is easily digested and ready to go into the intestines, but is prevented from doing so, because of the food that needs to be digested first. Meantime, the food turns acidic as it digests. The fruit when it comes into contact with this food-digestive juices mixture, begins to spoil. The result is bloating and burping as gas is formed in the stomach making you uncomfortable.

Never eat fruits after meals. It is best eaten on an empty stomach.

Why should I eat fruits on an empty stomach?

The benefits of eating fruits on an empty stomach include

  • Detoxification of the body-Detoxification is necessary for a healthy gut
  • Energy giving-Carbohydrates are quickly released into the bloodstream
  • Refreshing-Cool and refreshing
  • Weight loss-Fills up the stomach if eaten before a meal,so you do not eat much at the meal. Also, fruit is great to eat as a snack instead of potato chips or fried and fatty stuff
  • Antioxidants-Provide immunity from certain diseases
  • Fiber-Prevents constipation and some forms of cancer
  • Vitamins and minerals-These nutrients, particularly Vitamin C is got from fruits

So, how should we eat fruits? Is drinking fruit juice as beneficial?

To get maximum benefit of the nutrients each fruit contains,one should follow certain guidelines.

Fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals antioxidants and fiber. Research shows that these are available to the body if you eat the fruits as soon as they are cut. Leaving cut fruits open to air destroys some of the vitamins and antioxidants,and more of it is lost if one washes a fruit after it is cut, since they are water soluble.

Drinking fruit juice is also beneficial provided one drinks as soon as it is prepared. But it does not provide fiber, which is necessary in preventing constipation and some forms of cancer. Packaged and canned fruit juices are not beneficial as they would have lost some of the nutrients. And additives used are harmful. Never heat a fruit juice as heating destroys the essential nutrients.

Cooked fruits are of no use as they would have lost all nutrients while cooking, only the taste remains.

Fruits provide optimum nutrition to the body if eaten correctly with atleast 5 servings a day. Digestive system will work with optimum efficiency. All the body organs and systems will be in good shape giving the exterior a radiant glowing skin in addition to being immune, and always bubbling with energy to perform day to day activities.


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    • profile image

      Gina Kensington - Fresh Fruit 7 years ago

      Awesome hub about the advantages of consuming fruits and veggies. Wish to see much more of your posts.

    • profile image

      grunkpunk 8 years ago

      awsome info, I will put into action right away to get the most of the nutrients!!


    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I've known that about not eating fruits after the meal but before but we still eat it as a dessert. Tsk tsk tsk..should change my eating habits. :-)

    • Purple Perl profile image

      Purple Perl 8 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Jim10,thanks for stopping by. Breakfast will be complete if you include some complex carbohydrates and protein.

      You are welcome,badcompany99.

      You are welcome,bingskee.

      You are absolutely right,peacefulparadox.Blueberries are extremely beneficial.Thanks for sharing.In fact all berries,such as strawberries,raspberries all provide antioxidants and studies show that even senior citizens can ward off memory loss,when given a daily dose of berries.

    • profile image

      peacefulparadox 8 years ago

      In addition to the fruits listed in your table, blueberries is highly beneficial as it has anti-oxidant properties and is good for brain health.

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      interesting. i like the tip on not eating the fruit after every meal. thanks for sharing.

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      Sounds like fruit will make a perfect breakfast then.