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Sick People Suck!!!

Updated on June 23, 2011

It's an old question: Do we know where our children are?

Lindsey never came home from school that day.  When she didn't come home the family went frantic.  She was just fifteen years old and she wasn't the type of girl to get in trouble.   Mom called the school.  She never went that day.  They started searching in the house: finally they found her strangled body in the basement of her home where she had been hidden from everyone by her own cousin.  I found this story out today when I was speaking to someone about why she hates the month of march.  I could only imagine the guilt that this girl must feel. The survivor.  She is such a sweet girl and she has to live through the memory of her sister being murdered and for what?  I watched her all day today, doing her work and she is a very sweet girl.  before she told me this story her mother came in and I was watching her talking and playing with her daughter..  I didnt know she had this terrible tale inside of her.  Her daughter told me of the date this happened.  It was march 18th  The same day I had my stoke, I was thinking its the anniversary of the stroke, and then she told me that story and I know its a painful anniversary of her sisters death.  I can only thank God that my kids are safe.  It's true though, you can never be there for your children 24/7. They could be in danger right under your nose and you don't even know it. I don't know what exactly happened that day, all I know and can imagine is that it must be a  horrible guilt that she will carry with her until her days are gone, how she wasn't there for her daughter.  It wasn't her fault, its not fair, and we might ask God why it happened, but the truth is , God didn't let it happen.  We in this world have the free choice to do what we want and how we want to. The consequences are what you have to pay in the end,  That sick man is in jail right now and that little girl is in heaven with God.  That man will pay for what he did in his death.  That little girl was taken before her time. 

There are lots of children taken before their appointed time on this earth.  Its the men and woman who do these horrible acts that have to pay and they will.. because what comes around goes around.  God doesnt let things go unpunished.

May God bless this family and keep them and protect them.  I am sorry for their loss, I cried over it today.  I'm tired of the innocent getting slaughtered.


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    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      I know, I have four kids that were born in march. 22nd, 24th, 26, and the 30th. also I survived a massive stroke on the 18th, so I look at it more like survival anniversary.,. this was a tragic inncident, and my heart just went out to this girl.

    • cathylynn99 profile image

      cathylynn99 6 years ago from northeastern US

      good things happen in march, too. i got engaged two years ago next week.