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The Negative Calorie Diet - Part 1

Updated on April 16, 2014

The Negative Calorie Diet is one that has always interested me for alot of years. Ever since I heard of this concept and recommended it to my clients the results have been amazing. Their results inspired me to write this series of articles which begin with this initial one and will be continued in several parts. I feel to do the programme justice and cover the details in depth then lots of articles had to be written.

It's very important to say that I am not a Doctor or Specialist. Yet for over 30 years now I have been a wellness/fitness consultant that has helped endless people achieve their health & weight loss goals & in the process change their lives for the better. During the course of these decades I have taken copious notes of my case studies eating and exercise habits of which I will be referring and writing about.

The main factor for you as always will be to make your own notes but more importantly take action on what you learn. So without further ado lets get going and educate you on one of the most powerful fat loss and fat maintenance progams you will ever come across, the one that is called The Negative Calorie Diet.

Due to the foods consumed you will not only have the lean body you have always desired but you will also get the added bonus of having more energy. Your metabolism will speed up due to the correct food choices, switching your eating from those fatty calorie dense foods to those with a fat burning nutrient makeup, plus introduce other ways to burn off those calories alot more efficiently.

Lets take a look at some of the key factors for long term weight control:

- Your fat loss should be gradual and not sudden.

- Certain foods will speed up your metabolism to burn off those calories quicker.

- Some foods add easily to your fat stores while others do not.

- An eating plan that is low in fat, high in fiber and good carbs, modest in protein intake is seriously powerful for fat control.

I am sure that in your dieting history some of the programs you have been on have focused on the quantity of food. With this plan its more of a focus on the type of food versus the amount you eat. Important note here: I am saying that you will be able to eat until you are full AND still lose/maintain weight. Yes, I would like you to read that last sentence over again because its more than likely you may have had to starve yourself on previous programs.

No more skimping on portion size here because the type of food that you eat is more important for permanent fat loss than the actual portion size. Limited portion size is proven to slow down your fat loss NOT speed it up. Here we are going to recommend foods that boost your metabolic rate and do not easily turn into body fat.

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The Negative Calorie Diet Video

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