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The Right Fruits for Relieving Stress

Updated on August 28, 2011

Five portions of vegetables or fruit are recommended by the governmental guidelines, and excellent advice it is, too - but this advice should be adapted to the needs of anyone seeking to lose weight. Many patients over the years have sought advice with stomachs that are straining their waistbands. They always portray that they eat virtually no carbohydrates or sugar. It then transpires that they are drinking pints of orange juice daily, with grapefruit juice or other sugar-rich fruit juices every now and again for a change of flavor. They also supplement the fruit juices with bowls of fruit.

Many fruits are rich in highly refined sugars that are rapidly absorbed. A great load of fructose early in the day can have dramatic and undesirable effects on the body's metabolism, and furthermore the sugar in fruit is weight-increasing. A common piece of advice is to favor fruits grown in temperate climates rather than those imported from tropical ones; the former tend to have a lower glycemic index. One school of thought suggests that the reason why fruits grown in a European temperate climate are better for weight loss is that if what sugars, they contain are not so readily metabolized, there will not be such dramatic changes in the body's blood sugar. If blood-sugar levels can be evened out so that there is little variation during the day, then not only will the dieter be more apt to lose weight, he or she will not experience the crashing 'lows' produced by a drop in blood-sugar levels that often lead to cravings for the 'quick fix' of high-sugar, high-calorie junk foods.

On the vegetable front, the five-portions rule will contribute to providing the body's daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Yet the advice of nutritionists who are able to grow their own vegetables in some pleasant university town and to bring their home-grown produce straight from the garden to the kitchen can be unrealistic. Most peoples' vegetables have travelled across England Europe or the world before they are artificially ripened and reach the greengrocer or supermarket. Therefore, you might take a daily mineral and multivitamin tablet to fill in any deficiencies, as well as a fish oil capsule to ensure that even those who don't have two or three helpings of oily fish weekly will receive an adequate amount of essential fatty acids.


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