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The Top Five Ways of How to Get Better Sleep

Updated on November 30, 2010

The Top Five Ways of How to Get Better Sleep

The Top Five Ways of How to Get Better Sleep

You should notice that you need an adequate amount of sleep if you want to function during the day. Nonetheless, people tend to ignore this factor and use the wrong sleeping methods for themselves.  Because of this, they do not grant their bodies the required rest and relaxation that is acceptable for optimal health. Here are my top five ways of how to get better sleep.

Five ways of how to get better sleep:

  1. If you plan on exercising before you sleep, stop right away. Any exercise that demand your heart to pump at full capacity, meaning blood flowing through your veins at a tremendous speed, also means you will be in a fully awake state.  Exercise means no sleep. It is a better idea to exercise right in the morning and let your body naturally lose its energy throughout the day.  This way you will have a better chance at falling asleep and still be able to remain fit.
  2. Finding out a specific time to sleep and sticking to the plan should increase your odds of sleeping. Random times of sleep can throw your ability to sleep out of control.  Nevertheless, a body once adjusted to precise time of sleep will adjust and fit in that recognized pattern. Also, try to not sleep late as it will only make your body adjust to a late sleeping pattern.
  3. Before you make it to your bed, make sure that you stay away from coffee. For those of you that do not know, coffee holds the drug caffeine, a stimulant that energizes your body into false waken state. Instead of that drug coffee, try using warm milk.  It is more favourable as it is a natural sedative.  You will say nighty-night in no time. Next…
  4. Try to get your body into an optimal state of relaxation before you go to bed.  This will increase the chances of falling asleep. After you have worked for many hours and arrive home, avoid mentally demanding actions that lead to the strain of your body right before you go to bed. It may be better for you to try some easier activities that don't ask for much energy like simply channel surfing.
  5. You may think that if you eat before you sleep it will aid you toward a quicker slumber, but you are wrong. It actually helps promote poor sleep. Any food that you consume should be done at least 3 hours before you sleep. Eating right before bed means that you body will have to digest—ie, work hard—while you sleep, and thus, you will not sleep well and your food will not be fully digested.  So it better to avoid this situation.

You should not really worry about the amount of sleep you have already lost.  Just focus on these ideas and the positive thought that you will get better.   Also, you should try and notice all the reasons why you have trouble sleeping and avoid those situations.  That should do it!  Good luck with trying to get better sleep.


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