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30+ Home Remedies That Work

Updated on November 28, 2017

Side Effects

Most home remedies don't have all the side effects found in modern medicines prescribed for the same exact ailment. More often we learn that the home remedy aides us in several different areas, not just the one we are ailing from.

A Collection of Home Remedies

I am a firm believer in the healing properties of certain foods, herbs and spices. I have compiled a list of some of the best home remedies I have come across in my lifetime. Some were passed down from my grandmother, to my mother, to me. Some were given to me by a friend, or a neighbor, and others, I read about on the internet. The list has a couple more than thirty. It's compiled of remedies ranging from removing warts to curing earache pain. You will find a natural cure for just about anything that may be ailing you!

Nettles, Ginger, Mint, Rose hips
Nettles, Ginger, Mint, Rose hips | Source

For the Novice

Do you enjoy working with fresh herbs? Do you have any idea how to work with herbs? Yes, congratulations. No, no problem, I don't either. I know how to apply a salve to a burn or aloe to a cut, but take a few pinches of this with a dash of that from the garden and I am lost. When I came across the website I was amazed at how much I could learn. I really like this website. You can give it a looksy and see what you think.

The following herbal remedies are in sections according to what they are best known to relieve. Starting with Inflammation, followed by naturally occurring remedies for inflammation, and ending with everything else.



1x, 2x, 3x's = One time, two times and three times.

Oz = Ounces

Tbls = Tablespoon

tsp = teaspoon

c = cup

*Click on the product name IE: coriander, turmeric, etc. takes where you can purchase it.

*Click on the vitamin name after the product name IE: Vitamin K and A, curcumin, etc. take you to further information about that item.


Active Ingredient/Cure
CLOVES - for gum inflammation & tooth pain
Eugenol, naturally occuring in cloves, is a natural anesthetic.
Chew on cloves to relieve pain.
CHERRIES - eliminates tissue inflammation.
Anthocyanins, naturally occuring in cherries, eliminates tissue inflammation which causes joint and headache pain.
Eat a bowl of cherries everyday.
Oatmeal - reduces endometrial pain
Oatmeal does NOT contain gluten which is a major trigger.
Eat a bowl of oatmeal with your cherries above!
Oatmeal - again reduces eczema inflammation.
Soak in an oatmeal bath or make a paste and apply directly to the eczema.

Naturally Occurring Vitamins

Pain Relief

Active Ingredient/Cure
Aloe Vera - Burns
Clear fluid from leaves relieves the pain of a burn and aides in healing.
Apply when burned and continue until healed.
Coffee/Caffeine - Migraine Headache
Studies have shown that migraine headache medicine is more readily absorbed if the patient drinks coffee.
1 c coffee prior to medication.
Grapes - Back Pain
Grapes have shown to relax tense blood vessels, thus allowing nutrient rich blood to reach back muscles.
1 c of grapes everyday.
Salt - Foot Pain & Swelling
Salt reduces the number of germs on feet that may cause pain & swelling.
1 tsp salt per cup warm water. Soak feet for 20 minutes.
Pineapple - Stomach & Intestine Pain
Proteolyti enzymes speed the breakdown of pain causing proteins.
1 c pineapple will assist bloating within 72 hours.
Turmeric - Chronic pain
Curcumin, in turmeric, stops production of pain producing hormones.
Spice meat, lamb or chicken with 1 tsp.
Fish - Reduce stomach pain & cramping
Fatty acids EPA & DHA in fish reduces pain & cramping.
Consume 18 oz of fish per week.
Ginger - Pain hormones
Gingerols, in ginger, prevents the production of pain hormones.
1 tsp. dried or 2 tsp chopped with meals.
Garlic oil - Ear Aches
Germanium, selenium & sulfur stops ear aches.
*See diretions below.
. Simmer 3 cloves of garlic with a cup of extra virgin olive oil for two minutes, strain and reserve. Apply oil into ear twice daily for five days.

Natural Pain Relief

Naturally occurring in:

  • Coffee = Caffeine
  • Fish = EPA and DHA fatty acids

Sore Muscles & Leg Cramps

Active Ingredient/Cure
Mustard - Relax taught muscles
Draws out toxins to improve circulation.
See below.
Tomato Juice - Leg cramps
Drink 10 oz daily.
Peppermint Oil - Relieve Sore Muscles
Relieves sore muscles and future flare ups.
3x's a week soak in peppermint oil.
Mustard recipe: 2 cups epsom salts + 1/4 cup dry mustard. Mix, pour into tub and soak for 20 mins.

Tomato Juice has


Active Ingredient/Cure
Tea - Teeth
Naturally occuring flouride.
Drink 1 cup a day.
Apple Cider Vinegar - Hair
Removes buildup and allows shine.
Apply to hair for several minutes before shampooing once a week.
Baking Soda - Hair & Face
Removes dirt, old shampoo buildup. Leaves hair & face super clean.
Apply 1 Tbls to hair when shampooing. Wash face with the suds. Super clean!

Tea = Fluoride

Everything Else

Active Ingredient/Cure
Coriander - Stomach Problems
Breaks down bacteria.
1 tsp coriander + 1 c boiling water. Steep 5 minutes. 3x's daily.
Sugar - Hiccups
Cures hiccups instantly.
1 tsp sugar swallowed dry.
Duct tape - Warts
Starves wart of oxygen.
Apply duct tape to wart, change tape daily, scrub with pumice stone daily, until gone.
Turmeric - Blood Glucose
Curcmin in turmeric maintains blood glucose at a healthy level.
Use as spice.
Turmeric - Hemorroides
The anti inflammation characteristics reduce/eliminate hemorroides
Mix 1 tbls turmeric with olive oil to make paste and apply.
Ground Cloves - Heart
Protects your heart against cholesterol.
Use as a spice.
Cider Vinegar - Heartburn
Malice & Tartaric acids stops heartburn within 24 hrs.
Cider vinegar + 8 oz water
Yogurt - PMS
Calcium and minerals help prevent PMS.
Eat 2 cups a day.
Water - Cartiladge
Promotes the production of cartiladge & maintains fluid surrounding the brain.
Drink 8 oz a day.
Horseradish - Sinus Infection
Encourages blood flow to the sinus to cure sinus infection.
1 tsp 2x's a day.
Blueberries - Urinary Infection
Tannins in blueberries fight urinary tract infections.
1 c daily.
Honey - Cold Sores
Natural enzymes help heal cold sores.
Apply to cold sore until gone.
Flax - Breast Cancer
Phytoestrogens help prevent breast cancer.
3 Tbls flax powder or 1 Tbls flax seed on your favorite food (yogurt, oatmeal, granola, etc)
Caffeine - Asthma
Acts as a dilator of bronchial passages.
Cup of coffee or a chocolate bar when needed.

How are they Beneficial?

Coriander = Vitamins K and A

Turmeric = Curcumin

Cider Vinegar = Malice acid & Tartaric acid

Yogurt = Calcium

Blueberries = Tannins

Flax =


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  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 3 years ago from Valley Springs

    Thank you Maren! I was trying something new with the tables. Took longer but worked out well. It's good to see you again!

  • Maren Morgan M-T profile image

    Maren Elizabeth Morgan 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

    GREAT charts!