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Stop the Time Bandits Wasting Your Precious Time

Updated on March 18, 2011

Are You High on Procrastination?

Since the beginning of time, people have been battling daily with time bandits, who rob them of their time. Have you noticed that most people seem to be running about ten minutes late every day? They are constantly rushing about here and there as they frantically race to catch up on the time stolen from them by the bandits. But, it doesn't really have to be this way. With a simple bit of time management, you can beat these bandits, and regain a stress free life.

Just mentioning the phrase 'time management' gets most people's blood pressure up. We all know how to manage our time to a certain degree, but most of us are very poor at doing it. We simply give away large lumps of our precious time to the bandits without even realising it.

From a very early age, the time bandits have made sure that you suffer for various ailments to help them rob you of your time on a daily basis. The most serious ones that affect all of us in these modern times are :

Stayinbedintis : This is the all time classic time robbing ailment, which dates back to the dawn of time. Duvets and covers filled with lead, and bed sheets coated in superglue ensures that we struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. Late nights, hangovers and dark winter mornings don't help either. The time bandits love it when you are late getting up as you are already at their mercy, and you can rarely regain this time.

Stayuptoolateness : The first cousin of Stayinbedintis, and usually the main cause of people getting up late. We have a habit of staying up far too late wasting our eyeballs on watching total rubbish on the TV, or even worse, going out on a school night, which is fatal. The later you stay up past your normal bed time, the more the time bandits rub their little hands together, as they know they have got you in the morning.

Randomsurfingness : We are all guilty of wasting hours just randomly surfing the Internet looking for anything interesting. It starts with a search for a particular object such as a certain style of shoes, and before you know it an hour or so has past, and you are now reading about alpacas that graze on the level heights of the Andes of southern Peru, but you cannot remember how or why you ended up on this webpage. The time bandits do, they planned it that way. They are also behind social networking sites too, which are major areas for time wasting.

Waitingforatxtis : Texting on you mobile phone is another modern waste of time. People send texts, then stand there waiting for a reply. If the reply is not almost instantaneous they get annoyed, and send yet another text. And once you are in a text conversation with someone, it goes on and on as nobody wants to be the one that stops the conversation. Can you remember how we managed to communicating before texting arrived? Simple; pen, paper, envelope and a stamp?

Gossipforthesakeofit - The time bandits invented gossiping just to get us to waste even more time. While women are notorious gossipers, men are not far behind. A simple catch-up chat, soon turns into a major gossipathon, which usually takes hours. And what did you really learn, apart from what the woman down the road in No.42 was doing with the postman’s brother’s son or is the young blonde temp, with criminally short skirts, in accounts flirting with the boss. All you did was waste precious time, and upset the universe. Next time you are wasting time on the internet, look up the word ‘karma’.

Boxinthecornerness - We all thought John Logie Baird invented the television, but the truth is the time bandits did as a major way to really get us to waste hours and hours doing nothing apart from watching mind zapping rubbish on that box in the corner of the living room. Just sit down and calculate how many hours a week do you watch TV. Those men in white coats have come up with our viewing statistics: the average person watches 4 hours or more of TV each day, which is 28 hours per week, or two months of non-stop TV watching in a year. By the time somebody reaches 65 years-old, they will have spent/wasted 9 years glued to the box.

You cannot turn the clock back, use your time wisely as you don't know how much you have!
You cannot turn the clock back, use your time wisely as you don't know how much you have!

Making More Time in Your Life

Regain time, your life and sanity :

It is time to rid your life of those time bandits that have robbed you of hours and hours of your life. It’s quite easy to do, and all you have to do is adjust your life slightly. The time bandits are not going to like it, and will secretly inject you with massive doses of procrastination. Your body has a natural defence against procrastination, which is called Will Power. Will Power lives in your body too. However, he hasn’t been employed much lately, because the time bandits keep him locked away. But you can release him, and regain time and reduce the stress in your life.

Start Getting Up Earlier :

Start the day right by getting up early. It need only be 30 or 40 minutes, but this gives you time to get ready properly, have a spot of breakfast and leave for the office or school ten minutes early. You have no need to rush now and the stress levels remain low. Sometimes if you go slightly earlier, you often have less or no traffic to fight. Hands up who often has to skip breakfast or put make-up on in the car or train? Getting up early allows you to do these things properly, and we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why skip it?

Early to Bed, Early to Rise :

Get yourself off to bed earlier has many benefits especially on school nights, but don’t watch TV in bed. Do you really need to watch that second rate midnight movie or that re-run crime triller. Tape it if you must, and watch it at a more sensible hour. Most people don’t get enough sleep, and the time bandits know that the right amount of sleep is good for us, that’s why they keep us up.

Limiting Technology :

The internet, TV and texting is the biggest waste of our time. We spend hours on these modern devices, and rob ourselves of precious hours, days and years. Limit your TV viewing to just your favourite programmes and films - no watching it for the sake of it. As for the internet, just view and buy the shoes if you must. I am sure you were really not that interested in the mating habits of Peruvian alpacas. Text and respond once if require. No need to get stuck in a texting tennis match.

It does take time to improve your life by saving time and finally ridding yourself of the time bandits. Procrastination is a very strong drug, but Will Power will win the day, but you have to help him. Now you are running your life ten minutes early instead of ten minutes behind, things will be a lot easier and stress free.

The biggest question is what are you going to do with all that time you have regain from the time bandits by getting up earlier and reducing your TV and internet usage? Write a book, climb a mountain, take up a new hobby or start a business (alpaca farming?) - with more time the possibilities are endless…

© David Lloyd-Jones 2010

Now leave a comment, and tell the world what your favourite waste of time is….


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    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 5 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Are You High on Procrastination?

    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 6 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Hehehe...Welcome to Hub Pages, you are right it robs your time big time...

    • profile image

      IM Software 6 years ago

      After three days on HubPages, I've found another Time Bandit. It's HubPages. There's so much great stuff to read that once you start, you can't get away.

    • profile image

      IM Software 6 years ago

      Mine's the television, and getting trapped in forums reading through all the posts.

      The forums easy to cure, I just avoid them. The television isn't so easy for me.

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      Hi, Midnight Oil-I'd say I'm a true victim of technology!

      Randomsurfingness is indeed my downfall...Probably out of sheer boredom.

      Thanks for the suggestions.