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Top 7 Ways To Reduce Cellulite

Updated on April 16, 2014
Cellulite Therapy
Cellulite Therapy

The structure under the skin is like a mattress, soft and porous so that it can continue to dump fat increases. In a long term  the skin becomes less flexible and form a wave like orange peel. This is called cellulite that reducing the appearance of our skin.

What Caused The Cellulite ?
1. Excess fat under the skin

2. The blood vessel system and lymph gland that are less well

3. The reduction in the strength of inter-network skin strap

4. The hormonal factor especially on women. Puberty, pregnancy, and  pre-menopause will cause the unstable body metabolism that stimulate the cellulite

Stages on Cellulite

Stage 0 Skin does not fluctuate even it pinched

Stage 1 You may see a fluctuation on skin when it is pinched

Stage 2 A fluctuation can be seen when you stand up, but not when you lay down.

Stage 3 A fluctuation can be seen when you stand up and lay down.

Find Out How to Reduce Cellulite

1. Hypoxitherapy
It is a therapy that combine sport activities and vacuum-room therapy. This natural method is used without any medicines, diet, or lippo-suction. Just step in and sit back on a sterile air capsule. The first two machines or “trainers” are designed to slim down the lower body (legs, thighs, buttocks).
The Hypoxitherapy machine alternately applies pressure and a vacuum to the body, the manufacturers claiming this promotes circulation and intense breakdown of fat. It's similar with the sauna process.

The best time to do the therapy is 3 times a week each 40 minutes exercise. After a month doing this therapy you may reduce your fat about 5-6 cm dan reduce the cellulite.

2. Pilates
Pilates exercise is great for body building. The professional trainer will help you to do the exercise for your lower body (waist, legs, thighs, and buttocks) such as leg-toning exercise for your tummy. This kind of exercise will reduce fat and cellulite.

You may start with cardio-exercise for fat burning and follow by body-reformer exercise.
Schedule : 3 times a week 45 minutes each.

3. Special Cream for Cellulite
This is the treatment that you could do it yourself at home. Find out products that suit for you and apply the cream on the problem area then do a massage concentrate on lower body. With a routine treatment about twice a day, the cellulite will reduce. You may try Biotherm and Estee Lauder products.

4. Acupuncture
  Acupuncture is a treatment technique that has been known for thousands of years especially in Asia like China and Korea. Nowadays, Western society start using this technique for medication and health treatment. Acupuncture helps to break the fat and relief the blood-vessel. For certain case, you may combine this technique with hydrotherapy technique.
Schedule 3 times a week until you find changes.

5. Osim-uZap
What's that ? That is a kind of slimming belt that will destroy fat in the tummy and thighs. It makes the muscles contraction. You could do it yourself while relaxing on your house. The price is about USD 200 and has the ability to relief blood-vessel and increase metabolism.
Wearing this belt about twice a day for 10 minutes


6. Infrared Therapy
This treatment is for skin surface smoother and reduce the pile of fat under the skin. Starting with peeling and continue with applying the cellulite cream on a troubled area. Massage the area and wrap it with special plasticwrap and step inside the infrared capsule for therapy. Do this kind of therapy about 6-7 times and your cellulite will reduce.
Schedule once a week

7. Mesotherapy / Mesocellulite
Mesotherapy is a micro-injection of active material (such as vitamin, antioxidant, and homeophatic material) in a small doses into the layer of mesodermis.  Homeophatic according to wikipedia is a form of alternative medicine that treats a disease with heavily diluted preparations created from substances that would ordinarily cause effects similar to the disease's symptoms.
Injections are done in some spot that troubled. Therapist also combine with anti cellulite massage cream and special mask to reduce the cellulite.
It cost about USD 500 - 600 per treatment.


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    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia


      Glad to hear from the person who has tried it :)

      Lgali & Prasetio30

      Thank's for your nice comment.

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      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      well written article. I enjoy read your HUB. back to your hub, maybe most of people afraid with their cellulite. but it depend person looking by.

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      Lgali 8 years ago

      very informative hub

    • T.L.Eaves profile image

      T.L.Eaves 9 years ago

      mesotherapy is a winner...I've researched that in the Gals - if you can, mesotherapy is the way to go!