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The 7 Reasons You Do Have to Stop Complaining

Updated on September 16, 2019

There are a lot of things to not be happy about in the world today, things that aren’t going right or according to plan. With so much happening the most logical and easiest thing to do is to complain about it. But don't, there are also a great deal of things happening that merit you to stop complaining.

You tell your friends and family how things are turning around for the worst and how unfair the world or life is.

But have you ever kept quiet and thought about how good you’re at complaining. Are there negative effects of complaining? Most people don’t question themselves unfortunately because of how negative they are. You can’t have a rational thought on your general well-being.

According to research from Stanford University, Stanford News Service, a half hour of complaining everyday physically damages a person’s brain.

Whether you’re the one griping or you’re the one listening, exposure to negativity peels back neurons in the hippo-campus-the part of the brain used for problem solving and cognitive function.

So let’s get to it then and find one by one what happens when you don't stop.

1. You only see frightening problems.

When’s the last time that something really positive happened and you appreciated it. It most likely happened but due to the negativity you carry, it too clouded by the negativity to see.

What you’ve to realise is that you can’t be perfect and the world can’t be perfect too. You will have flaws and make mistakes but that isn’t a reason to complain every time.

You are not trying to deny that there are problems but don’t allow them to drag you down. There is a lot of reasons to not be happy but there are plenty more reasons to be happy.

For example you’re alive and you can read this, isn’t that great. Next time you feel an urge to open your mouth and say how bad things are, don’t. Shut your mouth and don’t entertain it therefor stop complaining.

Develop a solution mindset, look for solutions not problems.

2. You unleash blame onto others.

You never see any kind of fault within yourself. You’re the victim here and others are to blame for your predicament. There is this constant blame game being used here.

You can clearly see this in politicians who are always complaining about something but never say they are the problem. But you’re smart enough to know what’s going on.

Take a bit of responsibility on yourself and what you complained about can actually be solved by you. Don’t blame others but don’t blame yourself too much, you made a mistake that means you’re human and alive.

According to a study conducted by the University of Southern California, blaming mistakes on others is socially contagious.

When an individual is always pointing to external reasons for your mistakes you won’t learn from those mistakes, so it hinders your ability to learn and become more effective.

3. You do not take massive action.

You are not happy with how your life situation is like, for example being unemployed, don’t complain all day.

Take some action no matter how miniature and research on what skills you can offer that are marketable in the job market or learn some new skill.

Also you can start you own thing. This is only possible if you take action and a wide range of ideas and opportunities will manifest themselves.

Being passive and inactive will make you complain and just see the negativity of things. If you stop complaining you will have more time to achieve your goals.

4. Toxic anger creeps in.

This has to be the most known and evidence of negative effects of your constant complaining. You are obviously not a happy or cheerful person while you complain about this and that.

You are angry and this has a great and adverse effect on your body and motivation.

The anger is the byproduct of complaining but you’re too angry to notice that. Your anger might be justified but are you really going to let it rule you.

Yes a certain situation was quite unfair and you start complaining about it then anger starts building up in you.

Without warning you’ve developed this bad habit of complaining 24/7 and have become one grumpy little man or woman.

A new study found people who experience severe anger outbursts were most at risk for cardiovascular events in the 2 hours following the outburst compared to those who remained calm.

Anger causes our heart rate to increase through the sympathetic nervous system and causes our stress hormones to become elevated (the fight or flight mechanism) according to CNN, The Chart.

Maybe your anger and complaining stems from watching the news which are 90% bad news. First you have to stop complaining and remember that good news exist too in this world.

If you don't believe me, check out these two sites, they will lighten up your day.

Positive News

Sunny Skyz

5. You gradually become lazy and poor.

A hard working motivated person will not walk around telling his peers how bad the world is and how unfair he or she has been treated.

Laziness and success do not complement each other. You can either have success or laziness.

You might be doubtful but look at it this way, how much time and effort do you use to complain about this and that?

If you would just shut up and work on that project you have been working on for a week, which should have taken a day or less time to finish, what would be achieved?

Don’t say you got nothing to do and that is why you’re lazy hence the complaining. You are trying to come up with excuses that are sucking you up into the laziness trap.

Of course this won’t happen overnight; it’s like smoking, today you’ve taken a few buffs and by end of the week you’re a full blown smoker.

It’s no longer a mystery why you are lazy, check how much time you utilise to complain and be the change you want or wish.

Maybe now you should stop complaining if success is your goal.

6. Crazy self-doubt creeps in.

You are not self-assured of yourself, you are too worried and believing in yourself is a distant memory. With your self-doubt affected so will your self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem.

All this from the fact that complaining is a bad habit you have developed. You doubt yourself on whether you can do that job although you’re qualified.

All you have to do is take some action and apply for the job.

Complain knowing that you are risking losing a lot by doing so. The confident person won’t be anywhere near and the self-assured person will be no more.

7. Bloody fear creeps in slowly.

What your complaints are telling others and what you don’t want to admit is that you are afraid and scared.

For example, the government isn’t doing enough to create more jobs. Legit complains that needs attention but you’re constantly saying this and that hasn’t been done.

You are just fearful of the future, will you survive? Will you get a good job? All legitimate fears but what if you don’t complain for a minute and have a different perspective. What can you do to create more jobs or get a good and better job?

You aren’t focused on the problem but what is the solution. You have calmed down and your fear isn’t that overwhelming and scary anymore. Complain and the fears will keep on coming.

If you stop complaining most of these fears will become irrational.


You aren’t trying to become a person who does not care what is happening around him or her. Care what is happening but do not let or allow it to rule you.

You’ve just realised that your health isn’t great and the only solution is to do some form of exercise such as 100 push-ups. Don’t complain and whine that push-ups are hard to do.

The negative effects of complaining are detrimental to you from your mindset to your belief system. Being quite or silent on an issue can sometimes help you.

Do you agree that these are some of the effects? Do you know of any other effects when you don't stop complaining I have not mentioned?

Do share and tell in the comments section below. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.


Michael Kamenya

Freelance writer during the day. Heavy sleeper at night. Dreams of being a Marvel superhero. Writer by trade. Basketball fan by choice (It's still the beautiful game). Family man all the time. Hire me to write your content! (Contact Michael Kamenya).


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