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Treatment for Allergies - Eliminate Allergy Symptoms from Your Life

Updated on March 31, 2016

There are four type treatment for allergies that you can do at home. The first is treatment for pollen allergy, second is clean mold and mite, third is diet treatment for allergy, and forth is consuming vitamin c and supplement. But you should understand what is allergies and the type of your allergy.

Treatment for Allergy reaction
Treatment for Allergy reaction

What is Allergy?

Allergy is hypersensitive to a substance that made disorder reaction in your body immune systems. For instance, you are sneezing caused of dust or pollen. There are many types of allergies, example, allergic of dust, pollen or spring, gluten, polluted air, dog, mold, and food. Our body reaction is allergy symptom like sneezing, itching, wheezing, runny nose, and coughing.

Allergy will get worse if you did not know how to do treatment for your allergy, especially when you are stress and weak. Sinus allergy got worse in winter and made you suffer to take a breath. Dr. Jacqueline Krohn advised to consume high doses vitamin C combine with multi-vitamins. Start from 1,000 mg Increase your daily doses of vitamin slowly up (24,000 mg).

Example, today you consume one pill, tomorrow two pills, and so on. The result is amazing! Allergies treatment with vitamin C is good for sinus allergy symptoms. Vitamin C and multi-vitamins will increase your immune system. You should do to eliminate the trigger of allergy symptom in your home: clean the dust, sofa, bookshelf, kitchen, garage, barn, and also avoid your cat or dog if you allergic to pets. So sorry!

Treatment for Allergies

There are many treatments for indoor and outdoor allergies. Eliminate allergy symptoms by cleaning the mold, mildew, worm, and dust. You can do elimination diet, consume vitamins, drink water, coffee, and herbal medicine like eucalyptus tea.

Pollen Allergy Treatment

Spring time usually caused pollen symptom. Many people suffered with Hay Fever and pollen allergy because pollen spreading in the air. Medicine from physician like Antihistamine will stop running nose, Decongestant will release congestion in your throat and lung (made you breath smooth), and Aspirin to lower your fever. Nasal spray is good but only used it for one or two days. Using nasal spray for several days will make your nose immune. For serious pollen allergy, it is better you got anti-allergic injection from doctor. It will increase your immune system to fight allergy symptom.

Clean Mold and Mite

Humid place and dark areas is adaptable environment for mold and mite to grow. Clean your barn, garage, room or any place that dark and humid. Molt and mite secretion are caused allergy symptom like respiration problem or itching and other skin problem. Clean your refrigerator to avoid mold to grow. If you suffer serious allergy, it is better you used the dehumidifier in burn or humid place. Use masker and open the windows when cleaning dust in your house. Vacuum the dust and mite from your sofa and carpet. After it cleaned, sown some benzyl benzoate into carpet and sofa to eliminate allergy symptoms.

Allergy treatment by elimination diet
Allergy treatment by elimination diet | Source

Elimination Diet Treatment

Be care with what you eat. You can do diet treatment if you are allergic to a kind of food. Do a test food with elimination diet to find out allergen. Make a list of suspected food that probably caused allergy symptom. Generally, food that caused allergies symptom are wheat, milk, sugar, egg, bean, soybean, yeast, salt, corn, monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The first step elimination diet treatment: do not consume the food in your list for seven days (a week). After a week, choose the first list and eat it, and wait for a day. If there is no allergy symptom, for second day consume the list number two, and so on. Do it until you eliminate allergy symptoms food which allergic to your body.

Vitamin C and Supplement Treatment

Vitamin C is use as treatment for allergies because it good to protect your body. Vitamin C is good as allergy antidote. Consuming high doses Vitamin C is good because body will release the residue. Start it by consume one gram (1,000 mg) in first day, and increase the doses each day until you are diarrhea. The next day of diarrhea, decrease 1,000 mg until there is no diarrhea and that is your doses. Warning: Drink much water while consume vitamins.

If you suffer of Asthma caused by allergy, drink two or three cups of coffee is good to relaxing your lung and breath. Drink eucalyptus tea and thyme able to eliminate congestion. Just use a spoon of eucalyptus for one cup of tea and pour it with hot water.


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