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Treatment for Migraine - Alternatives Best Cure for Your Severe Headache

Updated on March 31, 2016

Severe Migraine Symptoms

You should do treatment for migraine if you often suffer of severe headache in front or one side of your head. If you common to painful headache and it made you nausea and sometimes vomit, be careful, you have serious migraine problem. Migraine symptoms are throbbing at head and painful sine, pain around eyes, and sensitive to light, etc. You should understand what causes of your migraine.

Treatment for migraine and Headache pain
Treatment for migraine and Headache pain | Source

There are many types of migraines, but commonly it caused by stress, bat habits like smoking, drinking, and addictive like coffee and some foods. Prevention of migraines is eating regularly, doing diet, routine exercises, good sleeping, and stand upright posture. When migraine occurred, you can do migraine treatments like massage, compress, balsam and ointment, and drink rosemary tea.

The faster ways to stop severe migraine is take a medicine like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. Decongestant is for headache with sinus pain and for women who suffer severe migraine when got menstruation. But those is not good migraine treatment.

Warning: it is not cure your migraine and only as analgesic (pain killer). Get advice from medical expert for right dose. Do not use drug which contain caffeine because it will worsen your migraine.

Diet Treatment for Migraine

Eat well and regularly is the first best migraine treatment to reduce the attacking of migraine headache. Hungry and late to eat will lower your blood sugar and caused painful headache. Do not eat snack and junk food, but more fruit, yogurt, and wheat bread. Some food can trigger your migraine; watch and learn your body responds toward these foods:

  • Sugar or sweet is not bad for migraine. Use low fat sugar.
  • Chocolate contain tyramine is sensitive for migraine.
  • Food with sour taste like yogurt and vinegar is sensitive for some people with migraine. Watch your body respond toward sour.
  • Milk product is bad for migraine; especially for some people with lactose intolerance (did not able to digest sugar milk properly).
  • Junk food or frozen food is sensitive for migraine.
  • Ice cream is good for some migraine people. Eat it slowly to reduce the pain.
  • Food which contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) triggers painful headache for some people.
  • Salt is not good for migraine. Avoid salty food and reduce it from your meal.

Control Your Stress

About 95 percent of painful headache and neck is caused by stress. Tense moment or situation did not cause painful headache. Severe headache attack because of how you respond the hard situation. If you are panic or restless, headache more easily occur. If you are calm and patient to handle the situation, the tense in your brain and neck will not caused headache and migraine. Change your attitude and be cool to face stress situation. Many times, changing mind and positive thinking impacted more healthy life and reduces diseases symptoms.

Coffee is worse your Migraine Treatment
Coffee is worse your Migraine Treatment

Stop bad Habit

Stop drink coffee, smoking and drinking are significant treatments for migraine. Smoking makes your brain got less oxygen. Tobacco caused headache and make you lazy to eat. Caffeine in coffee is not good for migraine. Alcohol also triggers and worsens your migraine symptom. Stop those bad habits usually impacted to less frequent of migraine attack.

Treatment for Migraine

  • Upright posture. Bad posture or bent body has impact to pain headache. Exercise your body and stand upright and also when sit down.
  • Avoid bright light. Too much bright light like sunshine will pain your eyes and trigger migraine. It is better you use had and sunglass. Use dim light in your room to avoid migraine attack.
  • Massage head and neck. When migraine occurred, lie down and relax in bad or sofa. Close your eyes and massage your forehead in circle form. Do the same for all head and neck. If you like, gave oil or ointment while massage.
  • Compress your head. Compress your head with towel of warm water. Some people compress with ice or cold water. Just chose which the best to reduce your headache pain.
  • Hydrotherapy. This is combination of cold and warm compress. Put cold compress in your head while submerge your feet in a pail with warm water. Submerge your hand in warm water also help reduce the pain.
  • Rosemary tea. Drink a cup of rosemary tea able to reduce migraine pain. Ask a help from homeopathic specialist to made ingredient of Natrum muriaticum which good to reduce painful headache. China officinalis is use to reduce headache pain cause of sensitive bright light or stinky smell.


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    • profile image

      Rawa 3 years ago

      My grandpa use to make wine in the bseemant & being from the old country (Palermo) it was quite good, but not when we were kids. We had to drink wine with our dinner because it was very good for our health and our blood. So maybe it is good for you huh>? Anyway you're always in my prayers baby girl. Hugs CM

    • profile image

      Maddy 3 years ago

      My sister used to get mngeaiirs. I don't know if she gets them anymore, but the weird thing is they seemed to be tied to hormones. She had them a lot with her second pregnancy. She could never really convince her doctor of that though. I hope you feel better soon.

    • profile image

      Mary 3 years ago

      I think it probably is the ccntaots, but if the pain doesn't go away soon with treatment and if you aren't wearing the contact, then you'll know that's not it. I wouldn't be surprised if it does turn out to be from the MS though, I know 3 different people with MS and each have almost entirely different symptoms, some of them being things the Dr.'s didn't initially attribute to MS. Good luck