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Osteoporosis Treatment for Women and Older People

Updated on March 31, 2016

One of worse bone diseases is osteoporosis. Older people more risky to osteoporosis: higher risk is for women. They need to know how to do osteoporosis treatment because older body needed more calcium. When body did not get enough Calcium and Phosphate, body will take it from bone. Calcium shortage in bone made bone tissue become thin. Fragile and fracture of bone tissue is osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Treatment for Women
Osteoporosis Treatment for Women | Source

There are no sign that you have osteoporosis. There is no pain unless a bone is fracture and broken. Women who menopause or over 50 year old more risky to osteoporosis because luck of Estrogen. Osteoporosis the most common is spine fracture with symptoms like back pain and lose weight. Be aware, besides osteoporosis problem, arthritis is also common found among women with ages of forties. You should know how to do treatment of arthritis while doing treatment for osteoporosis.

Treatment for Osteoporosis

What women and older people need to do avoiding or preventing osteoporosis? Treatment for osteoporosis for the first step is consuming Calcium, Vitamin D, Boron mineral, maintain your ideal weight, and do exercises. What you should avoid is junk food, meat, caffeine, carbonate soft drink, salt, alcohol, and smoking. That is osteoporosis treatments that you can do at home. It is not easy, but if your bones broken and fracture, it is more difficult to cure and recover it. Be wise with your bones.

Calcium Treatment

Best osteoporosis treatment is consuming enough calcium. Body needs calcium because if there is no calcium then body will take it from bones. Older people and women who menopause only got half of Calcium needed. If you do estrogen therapy, you should consume 1000 up to 1500 mg Calcium each day. You can consume wheat with calcium ingredient. Milk products like yogurt and cheese is rich with Calcium, but eat low fat sugar or milk. If you consume Calcium supplement, body only able to absorb doses 500 mg each day. Do not consume supplement Calcium after meal with high fiber food. Consume Calcium after 2-3 hours after breakfast or meal.

Vitamin D Treatment

Your body need Vitamin D each day about 400 IU (International Unit). Do not consume it more than 400 IU because it worsen your bone. If you want cheap osteoporosis treatment, you need basking under morning sunshine. You did not need Vitamin D if you regularly basking under the morning sunshine at least 15 minutes each day.

Boron Mineral Treatment

Boron mineral treatment is the best combine with calcium treatment. Boron mineral will help body to absorb Calcium. You can consume Boron about 3 mg each day; it is equal to two apples every day. If there is no apple, you can consume Boron supplement.

Ideal Body Weight and Exercise

Maintain your body in ideal weight is foundation of osteoporosis treatment. Neither obesity nor skinny is bad to osteoporosis. Exercise is the best way to cure osteoporosis. Sedentary lifestyle will make you high risk to bone fracture. Exercise will stress your bones and gave signal to your body system to rebuild more strong bones. Exercise will help your body to absorb Calcium effectively.

Women ages and Osteoporosis
Women ages and Osteoporosis | Source

Diet for Osteoporosis Treatment

There are many foods that you should avoid like meat, caffeine, sugar, junk food, etc. Here the explanation type of diet for osteoporosis treatment.

  • Meat. Do you know that meat is not good because is high cholesterol? Meat has a kind of acid which took Calcium from bones.
  • Caffeine. Coffee or any kind food which contain caffeine is able to higher your risk to osteoporosis. Three cups coffee each day will increase the absorption of Calcium from bones and disturbing the process of bones development too.
  • Carbonate Drink. You should know that carbonate drink contain Phosphor which lower the body ability to absorb Calcium. Avoid sweet drink and sugar and use low fat sugar.
  • Salt. Natrium in salt will increase the Calcium excretion through urine. Use other spices or ketchups to replace your hobby to consume salt.
  • Smoking. This bad habit will disturb the absorption of Vitamin D. Smoking for men also impacted to decreasing of Testosterone production. In other side, Testosterone is needed to prevent bone fracture and osteoporosis.

Combine the Osteoporosis Treatments

If you eager to gain the best result, you should combine the osteoporosis treatments that explain above. Doing only one treatment like consuming calcium will not gave the best impact. The first is maintain you ideal body weight, do exercise and diet, consuming calcium and supplements will gave the best result for your body bone.Combination treatments for osteoporosis is the key to recover from osteoporosis. Encourage your self to do those treatments.


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