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Alarm Clock To Wake Up Slowly and Naturally

Updated on October 15, 2010

Awaking harshly to the sounds of a buzzing or beeping digital alarm clock is annoying and going to be a thing of the past. That irritating buzzing that disturbs your sleep with immediate pulsing in your ears. Waking so abruptly from deep sleep can be uncomfortable for some, and nauseating for others. Then there are the many that just can't stand the sound of that damn alarm.

To ease the sleeper out of slumber more peacefully the Zen Alarm Clock was created to awaken slowly. It does it's job by slowly waking the sleeper with progressive awakening using Tibetan chimes. Zen alarm clocks are being used for more peaceful awakening from sleep, for better dream recognition, for yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. Zen digital alarm clocks are even finding purpose in places like office meetings to let the team know its time to wrap up the discussion

Zen Alarm Clock
Zen Alarm Clock

What Does A Zen Alarm Clock Do?

Zen alarm clock use the calming peaceful sounds of the vibrating sounds of Tibetan Bells to slowly awaken the sleeper.They start out and gradually work up to performing their vibrating bell sounds within a few seconds of each other. Your mind is slowly awaken and pulled out of sleep by the progression of the bells. This promotes more dream recall. A zen alarm clock can actually help you to remember your dream better by slowly bringing your mind out of deep sleep allowing for dream memories.

The zen alarm clock is not just for sleepers. Many Yoga and Meditation users find the zen alarm clock to be a wonderful way to slowly remind them that there session is ending, instead of the harsh buzzing sounds of the average alarm clock. Who wants harsh buzzing after an hour of relaxation.

The Zen alarm clock is a welcomed piece of technology into the homes of those who seek to reduce stress and promote more relaxation in their environment after a long day in the office.

TheZen in the Zen Alarm Clock

A real traditional Zen alarm clock is generally made out of wood. Because electrical devices can produce an electromagnetic field, a Zen Alarm Clock uses a battery instead for power.

Will A Zen Alarm Clock Wake You Up?

You would be surprised how loud these tibetian chimes can really sound in a room. Because it is a progressive sound, the sound of the chimes is not intrusive from the start. They work to slowly wake you, but the zen digital alarm clock works by increasing in frequency over the course of a 10 minute period or until you turn it off. You will wake up from them and you will feel more rested because your mind was slowly pulled out of sleep.


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    • BristolBoy profile image


      9 years ago from Bristol

      This is a very good idea. I have never heard of alarm clocks which use Tibetan Bells. However, I do know of bells which slowly light up from dark until they are a bright light, and at the same time the music increases in volume. I also believe they are cheaper than the Zen alarm clocks mentioned above.

    • Ktoo profile image


      9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

      I've used a Zen alarm clock for the last five yaers, and I love it. I evne have a travel zen because I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack if I am woken up with a loud annoying buzzer. Great article!


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