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What Can Bamboo Charcoal Do?

Updated on February 11, 2018

Bamboo in the East

People in the Far East have held bamboo in high esteem for centuries. Bamboo forms part of the fabric of everyday life for many Asian people: they eat bamboo shoots, they weave bamboo into baskets, they use bamboo for blinds to add privacy to a room, they use bamboo for scaffolding, they write poems about bamboo, they compose profound sayings using bamboo as an analogy, they build with bamboo and they live in cities and countryside areas where bamboo grows wild. In the West we are only now beginning to understand the amazing benefits of bamboo products. One of the most interesting and lesser known products made from bamboo is bamboo charcoal.

Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is not just simply used an alternative to charcoal made from hardwood. There are a number of advantages to using bamboo charcoal. Here is a short list:

1) Bamboo charcoal is incredibly absorbent and makes a great natural air-freshener that literally sucks all the unpleasant odors out of the air.

2) Bamboo charcoal releases negative ions that balance out all the positive ions emitted by home electrical appliances such as computers. This in turn helps to relieve stress and anxiety caused by living in an environment dominated by negative ions.

3) Bamboo charcoal helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in a home and so keeping some bamboo charcoal in the kitchen where bacteria can rapidly spread is a boon to healthy living.

4) Bamboo charcoal emits far-infrared rays that promote cell growth, speed up metabolism and increase body temperature. Far infra-red rays are sometimes referred to as ‘the rays of life’.

5) Bamboo charcoal has for centuries been used to make medicine in the East, especially bamboo vinegar that can be extracted from bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar can absorb toxic, harmful and poisonous substances.

6) One of the amazing things about bamboo charcoal is that it doesn’t have a limited life span. To renew the absorbing powers of bamboo charcoal you can simply put it in the sunlight after 6 months.

7) Finally, you can buy cushions that contain bamboo charcoal. The bamboo charcoal in soft furnishings is effective at keeping allergens at bay.

8) Bamboo charcoal makes a great water purifier. You can attach bamboo charcoal to your faucet. Bamboo charcoal absorbs impurities and residues in water and is great to remove unwanted chlorine that remains in water after purification.

9) Keeping bamboo charcoal in the home is an effective way of regulating humidity levels to increase home comfort.


As you can see from just this brief review of bamboo charcoal there is a lot more to the product than you first thought. And the great thing about bamboo charcoal is that it is made from a renewable resource. Bamboo grows at a quick enough rate to keep up with demand and is thus a key component in the search for a truly sustainable modern life.


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