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What Is Integrated Energy Healing?

Updated on February 22, 2013
Sunlight Through Forest
Sunlight Through Forest | Source

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is holistic healing facilitating a return to Who We Really Are, the beautiful synergy of the Light Being having a Human Experience. Energy Healing traces the roots and causes of our defences and blockages through physical and emotional symptoms deep within the psyche.

The natural flow of energy is towards balancing health and well-being. However, when we block the natural flow of energy in order to suppress difficulties in our life which we find too painful to deal with we hold the unresolved energy in our aura. These blockages deplete our vitality which leads to ill-health and suffering.

An Energy Healer facilitates the return to health by guiding recipients to bring these blockages to light and release them. These releases enables healing on many levels from physical health to emotional well-being and spiritual enlightenment.

The healer also guides the recipient through a process of self inner inquiry which encourages the recipient to take responsibility for the cause of their condition. This takes the healing deeper and encourages the recipient in creating their own health and well-being.

"Healing is the process of bringing light and consciousness to those parts of our lives where we have blocked the flow of our life energy."

Human Energy Field
Human Energy Field | Source

The Seven Levels Of The Human Aura

Energy Healing is effective on the human energy field. The human energy field is also known as the aura and has been subdivided into seven levels for ease of reference. These levels are subjective and are not set in stone!

The first level adjacent to the body is known as the Etheric or Physical level. Healing here is to be fit and strong.

The second level is known as the Emotional Level. Healing here is to have unconditional love for self.

The third level is known as the Mental Level, our logical mind. Healing here is creating positive thought forms.

The fourth level is known as the Astral Level or the Heart Level. The astral contains the records of all past experiences, including relationships, childhood and past lives. Healing on this level is to have unconditional love, to recognise the bridge betwixt heaven and earth.

The fifth level is known as the Template. Healing here is to discover, live and speak your truth.

The sixth level is known as the Celestial Level, the Angelic Realm of love. Healing here is seeing past all the life dramas and suffering with unconditional love for all of creation.

The seventh level is known as the Causal Level, the level of Divine Wisdom. Healing here is remembering the perfection in all of life. The deep knowing of being guided even, and especially when it appears that we have lost our way.

Healing Session
Healing Session | Source

What To Expect From A Healing Session

There are three stages to a typical Integrated Energy Healing session.


An initial period of discussion which can be extensive or as brief as answering the important question of "Why are you here?" It is not the intention of the Energy Healer to swoop in and heal all of your troubles, rather than to be a facilitator guiding folk recognise their own innate healing abilities and empower them with simple self awareness and tools which can be used in normal daily life.

Our body already knows the best path for the return to health, therefore discussions may begin at one point and yet flow to quite another. The skill of the energy healer is to give space for this to happen without hindrance by guiding the recipient with insightful questions whilst maintaining the ability to trust in allowing the responses to unfold naturally.

Where our mind goes so too does our power, therefore allowing the recipient to naturally flow to the point of healing not only empowers the recipient with self responsibility but also enhances and strengthens their own self healing power


Following the awareness discussion the healing can then move to the healing table. The recipient remains fully clothed and lays down. The most important thing is for the recipient to feel safe and comfortable so as to facilitate the greatest flow of energy. Integrated Energy Healing uses a variety of hands on techniques listed below. This may include aspects of passively receiving energy work or interactive cathartic release known as process work.

When there is a need for physical movement some of the interactive work can be done off the healing table when appropriate. For example, some of the anger release work is done with a plastic baseball bat and a large cushion!!


Each session completes with grounding. This is a vital part of the healing process as we are human beings living in physical bodies on this earth. If there has been a large cathartic release then loving energy is infused to assist the healing in integrating more smoothly. We may be releasing redundant defences and blockages which have stifled our lives but they have been a part of the self for such a long time that being without them can feel a bit odd for a few days.

Any guidance received during the session may also be shared at this point.

Angelic Healing
Angelic Healing | Source

Energy Healing Techniques

Some of the more commonly used techniques are:

• Balancing Chakras

• Colour healing

Angelic or Celestial Healing

• Sound Healing

• Inner Child Healing

• Relationship Cords - to become aware of the relationship you have with everything and everyone and clear life distorting belief patterns.

• Emotional Clearing - to allow your emotions to flow freely

• Past Life Regression

• Psychic Surgery

• Guidance on a healthy, natural lifestyle including diet, detoxification and energy exercises

• Coaching on how to manage your energy in daily life

Sunset On The Lake At Mairela Retreat
Sunset On The Lake At Mairela Retreat | Source


Holistic Healing focuses on treating the person as a whole rather than just symptoms therefore Integrated Energy Healing can be effective in almost all situations from lifestyle choices to physical ailments right through to spiritual opening and increased self awareness.

It is particularly helpful for the following physical and psychological conditions:

• Chronic Fatigue

• Female Conditions

• Migraine and Headaches

• Immune System

• Back Problems

• Digestive Disorders

• Heart Conditions

• Depression and Anxiety

• Lack of confidence/self esteem

• Bereavement


• Life traumas i.e. abuse or accident

• Manifesting abundance

• Finding your life purpose

• Spiritual connection and fulfilment


As Integrated Energy Healing is a holistic healing system it both complements and enhances the positive effects of all other types of health care including orthodox medicine.

Further Information

If there are questions about Energy Healing or treatments that you would like to ask, please feel free to contact me


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