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Benefits of Emotional Balance

Updated on August 30, 2012

Why Balanced Living is Important

Being Busy and Keeping Our Lives in Balance

Balance Homeostasis Harmony

All living beings strive to achieve homeostasis. Homeostasis is the ability to maintain stability, a state of equilibrium. Physically our bodies try to maintain its internal systems no matter how the external conditions change. An example is our how body consistently maintains our body temperature of 98.6 no matter how hot or cold the outside temperature is. We sweat to cool off, we shiver to produce heat. It is our body’s natural tendency to create a state of equilibrium so that our internal mechanisms can operate at ideal conditions. When our homeostasis is interrupted, our body sets things in motion to restore it back to its natural levels. If the adjustment demands are long lasting, there can cause imbalance and create disorders.

Keeping Our Emotional Balance is Important

In much the same way that our body physiologically needs to maintain homeostasis, our mental state needs to maintain a balance.

There is no scientific measurement for keeping ourselves emotionally balanced. It is up to the individual to trust themselves to know that they need to maintain a healthy balance within themselves. Maintaining a balance is largely instinctive and highly personal.

Being Too Busy is Harmful to Our Essence

In our busy hectic lives we are faced with many challenges to keep our emotions in balance for the benefit of our psychological and physical well being. The important, non toxic people in our lives help us keep our inner harmony and keep our focus on what is truly essential to us.

Happiness and stressing less are elusive aspects we try to attain. Balance is also achieved through simplicity. The more excess we have with “stuff” that clutters our space, overscheduling ourselves with work and responsbilities, filling our minds with thoughts that cause us anxiety, and over information from our digital world, and even excess food, all cause our body to become out of line. We become inefficient, overwhelmed, and clouded with too much around us.

Anything in excess distracts us from the things that really need our attention. Balance in our lives comes from channeling our energy towards the things that have meaning. Focusing our passions and being with the people we love will give us satisfaction, fulfillment, and pride in who we are and what we do. Our greatest joys come from the simplest things that are important to us. These simple things, which we take for granted or we think we can delay them can cause us to lose sight of what we truly value.

Simplicity and happiness go together. Sometimes we buy things believing it will give us a sense of what we don’t have and make us feel happier. But the truth about the things we buy is that the feeling is temporary and we may end up accumulating things that really do nothing for us. It is hard to do, but sometimes we need to think about why we are buying it and question what we think it really will bring us. Our actions, thoughts, beliefs and even purchases need to have a greater cause than just doing it because we want to.

Freedom comes from releasing ourselves from the things that hold us back. Clutter, and unnecessary purchases are part of this. Throwing things away, instead of buying things is part of gaining more balance.

Being busy can consume our energy and direct it away from what we personally find important and satisfying. Being focused in important to achieving, but when that focus pulls you away from the other things that mean something to you, you may need to re-evaluate how you spend your time.

Roles You Assume Circle

What Roles Do You Assume?

Make a circle and divide it into sections like a pizza pie. Fill each section with the things that are important to you - the people, things, and activities you have and the those you would like to have in your life.

What roles do you assume in your life? What responsibilities do you have? What dreams do you want to accomplish? What makes you feel relaxed, peaceful, satisfied?

Looking at this circle will give you a visual representation of what areas you want to devote more of your time and energy and where you desire to achieve more balance. Now turn this knowledge into action so that you can achieve what you want for yourself.

Trying to Juggle the Demands We Face

It is hard to juggle the many demands that are put upon us. In order to keep the different aspects of your life in balance, it is important to avoid burnout. At times it may feel like you have no time for yourself. Trying to make ends meet, balancing work, family and responsibilities is tough to do. By making sure you give time to yourself for the things you enjoy and the people that are important to you, you keep yourself motivated and refreshed.
  • make sure you give yourself time to recharge.
  • do fun things with people you care about
  • exercise
  • get rid of time wasters and energy draining activities and people
  • do what adds value to your day
  • be efficient when you are running errands and doing chores
  • help a friend and have them help you
  • relax and make sure you spend time doing a hobby and fun activities
  • take a bath, read a book, listen to music

Bringing Ourselves Back to a Level of Homeostasis

Our lives are in constant motion. Our bodies automatically bring us back to a level of homeostasis. Balance within ourselves is not automatic and not so easy.

We need to be self aware. We need to stop pushing ourselves until we are exhausted. We need to take care of ourselves all the time. We can become out of balance at any time and so it is important to do the right things for yourself. Protect yourself from burnout and give yourself the pleasure of stopping for a short time to regather your energy.

Give yourself the luxury of doing the things that reignite your inner joy.


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