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What Speeds Up Metabolism - Help Me Burn Fat Faster

Updated on April 15, 2014

I have been asked the question so many times over the years “what speeds up metabolism?” And it is now getting a lot more awareness as a topic of discussion in gyms and diet classes all over the world.

“Help me burn fat faster” is what I over hear gym members saying to instructors all the time. So, let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals that cause your metabolic rate to slow down and more importantly some solutions to get your “fat burning motor” speeded up again so you can burn more calories and melt fat easier.

First off all from the age of 25 we all start to naturally and gradually lose muscle tissue. Research shows that by the time we hit 50 years old due to this loss we will on average burn up to 1,000 calories less every day than we did in our youth. This is why you will hear people say “well I eat less now than when I was younger but I’m putting weight on.” That’s due to a huge change in your body composition.

To counteract this problem a lot of people cut back on calories which means they cut back on meals. That’s a huge mistake because each time you eat you boost your metabolic rate to digest the food you consume.

To cap it all only about 30% of the UK where I live are physically active. By doing a strength training workout just 3 times a week for 1 hour you will not only prevent muscle loss but hold on to it and boost your metabolism when you train as well. That’s a win-win situation.

This kind of training will help you change your body composition. The key to a fast metabolism is having a healthy body composition which is lots of lean muscle tissue and a healthy body fat level. Combined with eating 5- 6 times per day you can re adjust your metabolic rate and turbo charge your fat loss like never before.

Women should not be afraid to lift weights in fear of looking bulky like a bodybuilder. Due to the fact that females don’t have enough testosterone in their system it is extremely difficult for the ladies to gain muscle at all. But you will end up with a better shape and toned body.

What Speeds Up Metabolism Conclusion

Weight/strength training is not just for athletes and bodybuilders. It’s for regular women and men just like you. Even pensioners will benefit from training with weights.

Make sure that you eat your meals little and often and always stay within your calorific range for the day. Not only will this boost your metabolism but you won’t go hungry either. Get sufficient protein daily which is another factor in holding onto lean muscle while on a weight loss plan.

Please leave a comment if you have had some great results from all the above. This may then inspire others to take action and improve their health for the better.

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    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 6 years ago from York, UK

      Thanks mypleasurefantasy, much appreciated and glad its helped. Good luck with your 2012 workout phase. Cheers.Barry:)

    • mypleasurefantasy profile image

      mypleasurefantasy 6 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Great article. As I'm in workout phase I of my NYER, I am definitely going to use your hub for information on the body's metabolism rate. Hub bookmarked.

    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 6 years ago from York, UK

      Thanks TransferAmerica for your positive feedback! Glad you got some value from the Hub. Cheers,Barry:)

    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 6 years ago from York, UK

      Thanks Sally! Your posiitve feedback is much appreciated. Cheers, Barry:)

    • BarryCross profile image

      Barry Cross 6 years ago from York, UK

      Thanks for your comment cobrien! Yes, you are right about the water too. Thats another fundamental that seems to be underrated. If the water is chilled that has even a better thermic effect on the body. Cheers, Barry:)

    • cobrien profile image

      cobrien 6 years ago from Georgia

      You are so right about the weight training. I have done research and learned that drinking water also increases metabolism. In one study, participants drank 17 oz. of water upon rising in the morning. Ten minutes later, their metabolism showed an increases of up to 37%.

      Great hub!

    • sallyhatcher profile image

      sallyhatcher 6 years ago from Golden, Colorado

      nice article ...i will use some of your knowledge in my next health hub