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What You Should Know About Female Heart Attacks

Updated on January 12, 2009

Is your heart healthy?

Your heart is working to keep you enjoying life.But,are you striving to keep your heart healthy?Are  you aware of the risk factors you face?Are you making conscious choices towards a healthier lifestyle?How do I recognise the symptoms of a heart attack?

Well,most people tend to think that only old men suffer a heart attack and the symptom is usually decipherable because of a chest pain and excess sweating.

Are You At Risk?

Heart attacks are hereditary.

If you suffer from being overweight or obese,you are chances are more.

If you have a history of blood pressure,high cholesterol you need to be cautious.

If you drink alcohol in excess and smoke incessently,greater is the risk.

Leading a stressful life with no exercise and a diet of fatty fried foods is cause for concern. 

Heart Attack In Women

Doctors have often found that the female heart attack is different.Women love their men and are so concerned with the men in their life and their health that they forget some warning signals that the body throws up.Men often complain of a chest pain and this is immediately construed as the onset of a heart attack.

But,What of the Female Heart Attack?


Many women who suffered a heart attack talk of experiencing some form of indigestion and complete exhaustion.Shortness of breath is usually noticed a few months before along with dizziness which is neglected as it is shortlived.They hesitate to call for an ambulance or tell anybody because they think it will go away with some indigestion or antiheart-burn pills.And they are embarrased to tell of something so mild(or so they think).There is also in some women,a sensation of spasming upwards from behind the sternum that branches out at the jaws.Not all experience the same.But,there is never a chest pain as in men.Which is why it is all the more difficult to pinpoint the symptoms leading to a female heart attack. Being young does not guarantee that you will not suffer a heart attack.

How To Recognise the Symptoms?

Common Female heart attack symptoms include

  • shortness of breath
  • weakness
  • unusual fatigue.

Some women also had these symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Lower Chest discomfort
  • Upper abdominal pressure or discomfort similar to indigestion
  • Back pain

What To Do If You Experience Such Symptoms?

Do not waste time.Be aware that the first 7 minutes are crucial for a doctor to see you.Let someone around you know immediately.

Call the ambulance immediately.If your husband is with you,do not let him drive you to the hospital.The ambulance is better equipped with a paramedic in attendance.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

Heart Attacks-Survivors Story


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