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What Is Your "Higher Self"?

Updated on January 22, 2018
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Coach Carter is an eclectic spiritualist with over a decade of non-abrahamic spiritual education and experiences.

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One interpretation...

As I'm sure most of my readers will know, I am a person that believes each persons reality is as unique as they are. For those of you who don't know, know now that as I leave this hub here, which encases my own description of the higher self, that I don't expect it will fit into anyone elses perspective. It doesn't have to, and that is what is so great about free will and the nature of reality. We get to choose what it's comprised of.

So know that this hub contains only one interpretation out of so many that are out there in the world. Make sure that even if my perspective fits yours or sounds good, that you do your own exploring and adventuring into the world of metaphysics and individual spiritualism.


What is the Higher Self?

In my perspective, our Higher Selves are both a very spiritual and a very scientific part of ourselves. As modern science is just now confirming what mystics have known for ages, our body is not just a solid bag of flesh and bones. We also have some lighter parts of ourselves, that make us complete. Now, what science has confirmed, is that we do have electromagnetic energy that lives inside and outside of us. It is so much a part of us, that scientists can pick up the energy that radiates around us.

Now, what empirical science has not yet managed to do, is to see through the different vibrations of that energy, to clearly define the different etheric bodies that make up that energy. This will be an interesting 'discovery' when it happens, as many believe as I do, that there are at least 3 etheric bodies that coincide with our more physical bodies. Now, these other bodies have received many different names and labels over time, all of which appear to fit them. For me, I consider them to be the Higher Self, the Inner Child and The Mind.

The Inner Child is the part of us that will always house the things we learned as children, when we were still new to the world. It is also the part of us that maintains our innocense, imagination and ability to ever grow and find adventure. It's the part of ourselves that needs consistent attention and playtime, lest we find ourselves depressed and continually bored.

The "Mind" self, is the part of us that must categorize and organize all of the memories, sensory experiences and information that we continually gather. It is the "thought maker", the part of us that says, "Oh that's not a good idea!" or "Why don't we try this instead.". It is not the part of us in control of thoughts, but it does have the ability to provide us with endless ideas, access to our internal database and precautions that keep us from getting hurt. You could consider the mind self to be one form of conscious, though it's nothing as sweet or as fun as Jiminey Cricket.

The Higher Self, is just as interesting as the first two etheric bodies, though it's role varies a bit. The Higher Self is considered to reside both inside of our "body", and yet outside of it as well. It is the part of us that keeps us connected to the hidden worlds and otherworldly parts of ourselves. It is also the part of ourselves that manifests our desires. It's sole job is to provide us with the experiences we most desire to have. To some, it is considered to be heavily connected to our subconscious selves.

Why is it important to know this information?

Again, that is a matter of perspective.

For those that wish to pursue deeper spiritual knowledge about themselves and the rest of the universe, this information is vital and extremely helpful. Whereas for those that seek other information, might not find it as important or useful.

If you're a part of the first group, knowing that there are more parts of yourself, can help you develop better relationships with these parts of yourself, which can help you cultivate balance and bliss in your life, so that you can manifest and attract a life of comfort and abundance.

Don't let the ego's fragile mask prevent you from seeking past the veil and accessing communication with you Higher Self..
Don't let the ego's fragile mask prevent you from seeking past the veil and accessing communication with you Higher Self..


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