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How to Regain a Connection With Your Higher Self

Updated on March 20, 2013
Becoming transparent.
Becoming transparent. | Source

The previous hub, The Hobbit and the Higher Self, ends with a poem in which Tolkien's hobbits, orcs and elves are metaphors for the beliefs, behavior patterns and sub-personalities of a human being. Tolkien was said to dislike allegory and it is my interpretation to apply his writings as metaphor.

The title of this hub, 'How to Regain a Connection With Your Higher Self' was suggested by Hubpages. In truth, you cannot regain a connection with your Higher Self as it was never lost. There are many interpretations of what H.S. means and mine is an unfolding perspective. Thank you in advance for your time, open mind, and any comments you care to leave.

Change frequencies and live from the Higher Self

Consider that the unseen dimensions of a human are a complex of frequency bands which include aspects called ego and Higher Self. These terms mean different things to people. Here is what they mean to me:

When I act from ego, I am functioning in a certain frequency. From that standpoint, the title might be 'How to change frequencies and live from the Higher Self.'

The 'I' of me is the self-identity generated by my mind, will and emotions. Until more balanced in equanimity, it fluctuates between identification with aspects of the ego and qualities of the Higher Self.

We move in and out of frequencies constantly with our thoughts and emotions. When I am aware generally of which frequency band (or belief, projection, etc.) I am living from in the moment, I have a choice to guide myself into other frequencies. It is not needed to know if these are actually higher or lower, just that they are distinct and create my experience of life. Communication: the Art that Cultivates One's Life

For example, I become aware of feeling uninspired. My experience has narrowed from my wider range of frequencies. So I set my intent on shifting this by breathing attentively, doing improvisational toning and opening to the flow of life. I let go of attachments to miseries and my identification with them. Within a few minutes, I am feeling much different. My frequencies have returned to harmony with each other and with the whole. I have shifted my mental and emotional state in a self-empowered way. This is simplified, but I have had similar experiences as many people have. Being conscious of the process makes the difference.

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence? - Gabrielle Roth

The experience of life

What blocks us from living the Higher Self? Mental obstructions are raised by identifying with beliefs, habits, intellectual knowledge, and all the fear-based attributes of the ego such as prejudice, judgment, jealousy, greed and so on. In general, we take too little time to be with ourselves in a space of quiet and instead carry on with unquestioned material values and limiting behavior patterns.

The mind creates a perspective which has nothing to do with the actual. We experience life in a frequency of projection and speculation, a holodeck of the mind. There is already a picture made without looking at the actual as there is no capacity to take in anything else.

When I truly let go of attachments, then by nature I am one with the Higher Self. That union will prove itself as my life experience has changed from using effort to flowing effortlessly, from exerting power to emanating presence.

Light breaking through the fog
Light breaking through the fog | Source

What does the term 'Higher Self' mean to you?

Hubbers gave a range of responses to a question posed about the Higher Self. With appreciation for the authors' permissions, I share them here.

JRScarbrough says

I would say that it is the person that you can be rather than the person that you are. You aim to be the higher self while you are who you are. The higher self would be a person’s best qualities that they rarely show. Everyone has a potential to attain the higher self but rarely does anyone ever work to get there. I’d hope I get there.

Moesky says

When I think of my own "higher self", it's the part of me that is aware of the illusion of our daily lives. That understands and recognizes the conditioning, programming and habits that I am a slave of when I'm not living consciously. It is the spirit in me that knows we are connected to the universe; that is open for wonders and miracles that we can't explain with logic or science; that has glimpsed the truths of perception and relativity. That is free from fear because it trusts in the universe without a need to give it a name or to seek proof. That is content without all the answers and enjoys the experience of life as a journey and adventure without a known destination. That knows the power and freedom that comes with love. That is still in awe of the pure beauty and wonder of all that is life and this world.

ananceleste says

The Higher Self... is who I am, the very escense of my spirit and the true light of my heart. Is not what I aspire to be, because I already am. Is just that I forgot. Is not my opinion of myself, nor the impression I leave on others. Is not even the possibility of a better me. The refined and absolute manifestation of my being. My true self. It goes beyond my education,beyond my wishes and aspirations. The core of what I am,simply me.

Is like taking on a quest for the Holy Grail. An endless journey to discover and fulfill my purpose. Weeding out the excess and vanity through out a lifetime of tests. Realizing once and for all, that there is no separation between me and the rest of the universe. Seeing the world as it is, not as it is perceived. There is no need, no hunger, no desire just absolute peace. Is already manifesting itself withing us, but we have to stay still long enough to recognize it. Is like being nothing and everything at the same time. Is freedom, is pure love...

arksys says

I would see the higher self as our soul or the light within us all. If you have a good connection with your higher-self then you automatically become the best possible version of yourself mainly because you are content. Others can see the "quality of the connection" by looking at the glow in your eyes.

Due to the different circumstances and obstacles thrown at us by both life and the environment/society we live in, some lose this connection to their higher-self quicker than others.

Digitskyes says

For me it is that 'other' more quiet 'me' that is always there no matter the turmoil or calm I may be feeling, it is hard to define but if you still your 'personality' enough then you become aware there is something else that observes and guides.

That I believe is a sense of the higher self.

cat on a soapbox says

I'm not fond of the term "higher self" because it eludes to both superiority and self-absorption. Through trial and error, I have come full circle back to my Christian beliefs of relinquishing control to God, shedding pretense, and allowing God to work through me. It is here that I have found true peace in His presence.

Globetrekkermel says

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss and share.I have been an eternal student of higher consciousness learning- something I have a great interest with.Personally, I would define higher self as living a life beyond the visible and physical world.It does not mean that I am a follower to a certain religion which I am not. I do acknowledge there is a HIGHER POWER beyond our physical human consciousness who I continuosly talk to both in my conscious and subconscious state perhaps even in my sleep on a regular basis . It is a little difficult to explain it in just pure words. You have to experience it to be able to understand.


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