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What to do if your tooth falls out

Updated on October 3, 2011

I'll take a shot at this one. If you are talking about your first set of teeth then put it in a piece of tissue and under the pillow for the tooth fairy...but I'm assuming you mean for an adult. My first reaction is to find a dentist immediately. If it was a first aid situation then you need to have that take care of quickly. If it just fell out on it's own it could be a symptom of other things so see a professional.

Now I've never had a tooth knocked out but I've had a couple knocked loose. The last time I had a tooth knocked loose they told me I was luck because if it were to come out, there was very little they could do. Since it was loose and the tooth was still in place we could try to save it. If the tooth had broken free it would have been a lost cause and all that could be done was to have a bridge or implant. I got lucky and still have the tooth though it is getting a little discolored, but that's a different story.

So if you tooth came out you need to find a dentist to get your options. The bridge is a fake tooth that is held in place by adjoining teeth. The implant is actually a replacement tooth that is screwed into the bone. (Sounds painful but the people I know who have had it done say after a couple of days it was fine and they loved it!)

The next problem might be finding the dentist. When it comes to dentists, I always recommend that people get a referral, from a friend, relative or colleague. Barring that look for a dentist in your area with some credential or certification from an organization. For instance, there are dental provider networks that visit the dentist offices before bringing them into their plan. They check for licenses, cleanliness etc before allowing them to participate.

In short unless it is a baby tooth, see a dentist immediately!


Thanks to a Marson, I did some checking and there is some possibility of a tooth reattaching if you act quickly. You will still likely need a root canal but it is sometimes possible to save a tooth!


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    • Samprita profile image

      Dr. Samprita Sahu 3 years ago from Indore, India

      Hi Amita, second set of teeth or what we call the permanent teeth usually come out by 12-13 years of age except the wisdom teeth.. so if you are older, then it's probably your second set of teeth.

      Dr. Samprita

      Dental surgeon

    • profile image

      Amita 3 years ago

      My Tooth feels loose but it's my first set of teeth and its because there's tooth decay and a gap forming separating my tooth from my gum but I'm not sure when it comes out if I'll need to get it treated or another tooth will grow.

    • profile image

      mary 5 years ago

      my t came out today it stinks

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @ Sharon - the general advice is to keep it moist. Don't dry it off. Handle by the exposed tooth part and get the person and the tooth to a dentist.

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      Im not sure what to do? My dad's tooth just fell out while talking.

      He is 83 years old. Just leave it alone? Wash it well? Fill the hole with something, what?, Until he can get to a doctor. Im just needing to know health advice for now. thanks.

    • peter616 profile image

      peter616 7 years ago

      right it can be secure back if immediate action taken . take care .

    • Tom D Nolan profile image

      Tom D Nolan 8 years ago

      I've written a hub about how you can save your tooth if it gets knocked out. I'm a dentist and I have to deal with the results of people getting this wrong all too often. You can find the relevant hub at:

      Hope you never need to know this stuff but if you do, this will help.

    • profile image

      Debbie 9 years ago

      From what I heard over the news one day was if you lost and adult tooth, you should immediately put it back where it came from and see a dentist as quickly as possible. The gum will evenutually secure the new tissue again from what I understand. If you can not see your dentist immediately I guess the emergancy room would be the next best thing. My concern would be infection though after it fell out where did it land and in what did it land in? Also, How long would we have to wait in the emergancy room? We all know they take each patient by severity which is only right! Like you said teeth can be replaced. A bridge would require an attachment to the other remaining teeth, which I would not do because I would be concerned about the other teeth! An implant (if your jaw bone can handleimplant before the crown goes on is like a real tooth but a little more expensive. This would be my choice and worth the money. Sorry any kind of denture would not be concidered by me if I could help it. Please clarify or correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

    • Marson321 profile image

      Marson321 9 years ago from Lenoir, NC


    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 9 years ago from Orange County, CA


      I did some checking and you are right. I have updated the Hub with a link. It seems if you act quickly there is some chance the tooth will reattach especially with younger children.



    • Marson321 profile image

      Marson321 9 years ago from Lenoir, NC

      I've heard to put it in milk and immediately go to the dentist. Supposedly, if the tooth is whole they can secure it back in and new tissue will grow around it. Never done it though.