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What is sober living housing...a safe place to stay after rehab.

Updated on June 30, 2008

A sober living environment...looks like any other house.

What is sober living housing?

For people with serious drug or alcohol addiction histories, a period of sober living housing after the completion of drug treatment can be a great way to transition back in to the community, and to avoid the full temptations back to abuse during the first months of post treatment abstinence.

Sober housing (sometimes also called halfway housing) is simply a safe and sober living environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics while they try to transition back into the community.

Therapy in a halfway house

The degree of therapy as offered in a sober living environment varies greatly, and some will offer group meetings, 12 steps programs and other therapies; and some will offer nothing other than a safe and sober place to live. Although heavier therapeutic involvement is obviously preferable, any sober living participation increases the probability of a long term involvement in aftercare therapy, and increases the likelihood of long term sobriety.

Filling free time without intoxication

One of the biggest problems that people emerging from a long period of addiction face is knowing how to fill free time with activities that do not involve intoxication. Leisure time is in fact a major threat to relapse. Living in a sober living environment can help a lot, as everyone residing in the house is in a very similar situation, and all can learn together how to have fun without using and abusing.

Reduce stresses about housing

Sober living housing can also reduce the life stressors that can lead to temptation and relapse. The financial requirement for residency is generally nominal, and residents have a chance to get back on their feet financially and professionally before faced with the difficult task of finding a real residence.

Strict rules of conduct

While the rent may be low, residents are required to maintain a strict code of conduct, and abide by certain rules of the house. No resident will be allowed to use any alcohol or drug or enter the house under the influence, most houses will require gainful employment, and many will have curfews and other standards of general conduct. These can seem strict, but they are all in place to minimize the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

Residents will stay for as long or as little time as they feel is needed, and there is no need for a commitment to a certain period of residency. Residents may stay for as long as they need to so long as they continue to abide by the rules of conduct.

Who are sober living environments for?

Sober living housing can be a great option for people unsure about their readiness to reintegrate with full society, for those without a waiting residence, and for those people lacking a quality and sober support network of family or friends. All better drug and alcohol rehab facilities can recommend local sober living housing environments, and these houses are open to all in need.

If you're worried that you’re not ready for full-on temptation, if you've got no real place to go, and if you want to enjoy the friendship of other recovering addicts and alcoholics and enjoy their support through the process…a sober living residency may be a great place for you.

You can always leave if you don’t like it!


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    • profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago

      Im not impresses on the sober living homes Last yr my bf was living at one he was a recovering meth addict. and his roommate was dealing and using there in the house. the random UA were a Joke all a person had to do was to bring urine from the outside, the rules never inforced, and because of this he relapsed, the house Manager was often drunk, i cant believe BBPA funded such a place much.

    • profile image

      Help! 8 years ago

      I am helping my brother to quit MJ and need help from you guys in alternate things I should make him eat so that he does not feel the anxiety to go back e.g. what kind of food can help, fresh fruits , juices, chocolates perhaps etc. Also, if there are any vitamins or special exercises to calm a person going throuhg MJ detox , I guess that can help me in making my brother quit it much easily. Please help at your earliest!

    • profile image

      Doug Eggleton 8 years ago

      Please contact me at (818) 590-4886 for more information.

    • profile image

      Doug Eggleton 8 years ago

      A Safe Place is located in beautiful Sherman Oaks, California. We are pleased to provide clean, safe and substance free housing for the recovering addict.

      Our management team consists of qualified individuals with personal experience and knowledge in the area of recovery. We are passionate and dedicated to supporting our house members.

      OUR PHILOSOPHY: At A Safe Place we offer a safe, honest, open and supportive setting, enhanced by an innovative, therapeutic living community, that empowers and supports participation in healthy, responsible and productive lifestyles. We strongly believe that our low volume house provides more individual care and a family environment.We understand the difficulties involved with staying sober. We believe that through pressures and stress, each house membercan return home to a supportive group of people who understand the difficulty of maintaining sobriety. The two most important words to us are safety and comfort.

      OUR PROGRAM: With the combination of support from other recovering addicts, curfews, other supervisory restrictions and the encouragement of employment and education, wehave the tools necessary to guide recovering addicts and alcoholics along the path to sobriety. House members have an opportunity to experience real life and still maintain the safety of a sober living environment.Housemembersare required to obtain a job, attend schooland/orattend regular meetingsfor continued education. This requirement ensures that all house members have constructive activities with which they can occupy their time. By working, attending school and/or meetings, recovering addicts and alcoholics can begin on the right path immediately to improve their lives and remain substance free.