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My Weight loss Journey

Updated on December 9, 2017
Amarpreet701 profile image

I am Amarpreet and from 24 years of birth I was obese and my body shape hampered my confidence and one day I woke up to change my life.

My before and after pic
My before and after pic

The day I was born , my father says that I weighed much more than the “normal kids” earlier I used to think I was precious and privileged but sadly this was not true . the time I reached puberty my weight stared to increase with even more rapidity and honestly I dint cared at that time . my love for food had become an obsession and I always use to eat ,no matter what the situation is , I used to eat when I was sad , when I was happy , when I was nervous , I just kept my life revolving around food, its taste , smell and my insatiable craving for it. One day on a regular medical inspection in my school I remember I was ninth standard in my “sweet sixteen” and weighed around 340 lbs. I was shocked, rattled and I thought that may be my end has come near. I noticed I was dying from inside , like all other girls around me I was not confident , I was unable to wear nice clothes , I did not have boyfriends but the one thing that kept me going was my love for myself. I always loved my self and always hoped that one day something great will happen to me. Today I am twenty four but I am a totally different person. Now I weight around 220 lbs. but I have an entirely new mind set . I am not every sexy and have a perfect body but I have realized that there is no perfect body and if you will keep on looking for what you are not then you will never happy .

I would like to share a few things with all people like me who have struggled their entire life to lose weight where some have become successful while others have lost all hopes. May be what I have learnt could help you become what you want not what others want. Everything in this world is achievable but first you have to find peace with your own self :

  • LOVE yourself: Before you move ahead to do anything in life , make sure you are loving yourself . I have been a victim to multiple heart breaks and betrayals in friendship but what kept me always content was my love and care for myself. The moment you depend on someone for your happiness then there are chances that you will never be happy.
  • Lose Weight to gain life : You must never think of losing weight to please someone or keep on thinking about the “perfect figure” , you must focus on your health , your own well-being and your goals. Obesity has nothing to do with keeping people in your life. If you think a slim body will give you permanent relations then probably you are wrong because people may come and go but those who stay are the ones who loves us.
  • Workout : Workout is the prime thing that will help you to lose weight , you must move to shed those extra ponds and make sure your workout is not boring and you change it every week. I loved to dance so I added dancing in my cardio of three days . But if you think that you might starve and cut off all the products from your diet and still not losing weight then surely your body needs more energy to carry on. Dieting will NEVER help. If you want to lose fat not muscles then eat healthy and move! Workout I know is a scary word so the key is just keep on moving and pushing.
  • Never go for pills and surgery : I remember how during my 300 lbs. days I was advised by so many people to go for liposuction or surgery , even the thought of being operated would bring me chills. Surgery may sound alluring and a short cut but honestly there are no short cuts to a healthy life. If you want it then you have to work for it. Surgeries often leads to various other problems which will never occur if you work out and eat healthy to lose weight.
  • Everyone has a different Journey: Just like you and I may have the common stressful problem of overweight but each one of us have a different journey. You must experiment and find out what works the best for you. You must never compare yourself to anyone , we all have one body and that is the only place where we live , why not work to make this body a temple than a hub of fat?
  • Mind your Thoughts : More than a physical , weight loss is a mental journey. You must have indomitable will and courage and kill all the negative thoughts. You must never lose hope , even the smallest step in the right direction can change your life completely . Just never look back. You can take a break from your journey but never quite . I know it will pain, I know people will say a number of things and will try to harm your peace but make your aura so positive that they must know that weight is just a number and you are much above that.

Some weight loss tricks and hacks:

Now I am going to share some wonderful weight loss hacks which proved miraculous and of a great help for me.

Detox water : It might sound crazy but detox water helps a lot for weight loss. There are various recipes available for detox water and you can use anyone .The best ingredient which must be added in detox water is lemon , it helps to purify the body by flushing out so many harmful toxins out of our body. The detox water which worked wonderful for me is given below in the video.

Healthy Eating : People are often confused between healthy eating and dieting , well the correct meaning of dieting is not to starve your body but to provide it with high protein and high fiber foods which helps in building muscles and help to loose weight fast. Having 3-4 cups of Green tea in a day helps increase metabolism.You must add large number of leafy green vegetables in your diet and try experimenting with cooking you favorite food with a healthy version. Here is a video which gives some delicious yet health recipes which you can include to your diet list.

Exercise : Without workout you cannot lose weight and the main thing is to start according to your comfort level . The goal should be reduce stress and enjoy while you workout. I loved to do cardio with "Bhangra" a traditional Indian dance form which can burn up to 700 calories that too in just one hour. RPM and running is also very effective to shed those extra kilos and keep your spirit high. Here is "Bhangra" workout video through which you can workout from home and enjoy every beat.

Law of Attraction

Have you ever thought of something so bad and so desperately that you finally got it and then thought as if it was actually due to your thoughts that the thing you wanted with all your heart got attracted towards you ? Well, the same is the case with weight loss. You have to be 100% sure that you will reach your goal. You have imagine how you want to look and write down things you want to change in your life. Ask for help from the Universe , it will surely deliver you. Imagine yourself as how you will feel when you will actually get slim . Buy a target dress, show up and just never give up. I am sharing a video with you people which helped me to gain life and positive thinking in my journey.

What according to you is the best way to loose weight ?

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super foods to reduce weight
super foods to reduce weight

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