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Why Pilates Is A Good Alternative Fitness For Men

Updated on March 22, 2013

Most often than not, Pilates is perceived as a workout regimen for women only. You may be one of those who’ve heard of all the benefits that it could bring to anyone’s health, but since you may be appropriately grouped to the masculine segment of fitness enthusiasts, you must have had automatically thought that it’s just too lame or delicate to practice Pilates.

Before putting off the concept of practicing Pilates with other men, you may want to hear why Pilates for men are gaining grounds these days.

Pilates was developed and created by a man named Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Thus, Pilates for men isn’t actually a new fad. Although it is becoming more accepted in the mainstream today, Pilates had been initially used as a physical therapy for gymnasts, dancers, bodybuilders, athletes, military men, and the police force years and years ago. Joseph Pilates’ students included men, women, the young, the old, the injured, and the healthy but the practice was designed and developed initially on a male build.

As he laid the foundations to Pilates, one of his intentions was an exercise of control, bringing balance to the body and mind. These principles benefit everyone especially those men who hit the gym, do professional sports and aplenty of those doing heavy cardio exercises. Joseph Pilates was involved in many physical activities and therapies and participated in various other exercises and fitness regimens prior to creating the Pilates that it is known today.

Pilates Encourages Correction of Posture

While other exercises encourage you to push yourself past the burn, Pilates encourages correction of posture, spine alignment, as well as breathing and activating all muscle groups to work together in an integrated manner. A lot of men work out and isolate muscles using weights and other equipment, leaving behind other essential groups of muscles. Toned and ripped guys who treat the gym as their temple, punish their bodies and pressure themselves on many different areas. Some may have done it right, but some just can hardly perfect the craft. The risk of injuries is substantially high especially if they are unmanaged beginners

Perfect Way to Achieve a Great Looking Body

Pilates is one great way to achieve a great looking body as well as having a functional one. It increases stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility. While you can add Pilates to your other bodybuilding exercises, you can also replace everything else with just Pilates. There are many Pilates exercises that can target the specific muscles you want to work on. Pilates for men is a good alternative to all the other strenuous workouts that can sometimes do more damage in the long run.

It isn’t all about stretching and breathing

Men who try Pilates for the first time would soon realize that it isn’t all about stretching and breathing. It’s even a holistic approach to sculpting and strengthening one’s body without all those heavy iron and steels in a gym. While Pilates have chairs, reformers and other equipment, men who totally left the heavier equipment have had their own reasons of satisfaction. The systematic approach in Pilates exercises increases the likelihood of men having a more proportionate figure after a few weeks of training compared to lifting weights that become heavier as weeks progress.


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