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Why You Will Fail.

Updated on September 30, 2015


We have all been there, we have this idea, we think we will make it. Fast. Big. We then go for it, with the expectation that we will sky rocket with our grand idea, we get excited we are so hyped up, but then all we are faced with is indifference, and we become helpless. We expected a road paved with gold and all we got was something resembling the Dakar desert. Where did we go wrong?

We did not sign up for this, we brought a limousine to a desert rally.

The world's respond to your "masterpiece"
The world's respond to your "masterpiece" | Source

Being Greeted by a Wall.

The idea that I mentioned above does not have to be a big one. It can even be starting out on Hubpages. Many people have come here expecting to earn thousands of dollars in a matter of months, thinking they are unique, they have thoughts and experiences like no other.

They wrote their first post with so much excitement. "I can earn $100 easy just by this week. I don't need the to go through the Hubpages learning program, I am an exception! I just need to be me!"

Trust me when I say that people with that kind of attitude will get disheartened the next day when they see their post just got a handful of views.

One thing that I have learned when you want to start out something, anything, whether it is online or the real world, we need to get ready to be met with utter and absolute indifference.

We will sing our best song, write our best book, make our best website, and we will be met with utter indifference. The reason why you will be disheartened from this is because you think that it is the best. Do not get any ideas. Do not expect ANYTHING.

Firstly, It is NOT the best, there are many people better and more experienced than you. Secondly, it is not YOUR best either, your best is yet to come. It will come after a long lengthy bout of getting treated with indifference, it will come as you slowly but steadily actually get better at whatever it is you are doing.

Wonder what was their motive...
Wonder what was their motive... | Source

Wrong Motive Leads to The Wrong Path

Many endeavors I have tried and failed. I have realized that it is because of my motive.

Just like the example I gave previously, indifference can lead to failure, why is that? Surely if we are doing it because we love, the indifference would not mean much, we would still do it for the love of it. I love eating chocolates, and if the world treats me with indifference then so be it, I don't expect people to come to me putting me garlands of flowers for eating chocolates. So why would I expect them to treat me like royalty when I write, or sing, or paint, or work?

The only reason indifference can kill you and your aspirations is because your aspirations are rooted in the wrong motive. Motive is everything and it will not be long till it surfaces. You got disheartened because of the lack of views, because of the lack of money you earned. Why? did you not get any joy from writing your hub? Did you not get any satisfaction from expressing your thoughts by writing?

The next morning you open your hub, to see how many views and how many comments and how many dollars you earn, and your true motive surfaces. If it is money you want, start a business. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Well you will. Big time. Because you thought you will open it with the same attitude of earning millions in a matter of months.


Small Heart Leads To Small or No Success.

You spread your wings only half of it and you expect to reach for the stars. You are full of doubt, fear, "what if I fail?' you keep asking. What if, after investing so much time and money, I fail. I am going to be ruined.

Few years back my dad opened a business for me, and it failed miserably because of this. The fear of failing. I was always in doubt if I should purchase that goods in so much quantity, what if it does not sell, etc. I was too careful. I thought it was wise. Boy, was I wrong.

Now that I look back I should have been a bit crazy, took chances, took risks. Now that I think about it, the risk that I should have taken would not even have to be so big, and it would have made a whole lot of difference. Yes I failed because I was being too careful. Never heard of anyone failing because for being too careful until I failed because of it. I take it as yet another scar which I wear proudly. Truly a lesson learned.

Taking risk and failing is better than not taking risks at all. If you take risk there is a chance of success, if you don't there is no chance of success at all. It is all about creating chances.

Another good example is having your own blog with your own domain name vs writing for Hubpages. Which is riskier? the answer is, obviously, having your own blog with your own domain name. you need to pay for the domain name, pay for the host, etc. But the result: you are able to earn more from that blog of yours compared to writing for Hubpages, if you are successful. The risk is, however, much bigger!

Notice How Her Heart Keeps Getting Smaller...


Have a big heart not big expectations. This will help you in dealing with indifference and will help you in being more realistic. I don't blame you for having unrealistic expectations, since you are venturing into unknown territory. However, you need to quickly adapt to your unknown surroundings, realize as soon as possible that you will be treated with indifference for a very long time, ignore it and just do your best.

Concentrate on your work and stop thinking about the end result. Seeing your body in the mirror after three days of going to the gym will only lead to disappointments. Even your own body treats you with indifference!


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    • Rozina Iftikhar profile image

      Rozina Iftikhar 2 years ago from Islamabad

      I was lucky that I went through it...

      its going to help a lot and steer my way patiently through hub pages...

      a brilliant piece...just loved it!

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 2 years ago from jakarta

      Linda thank you so much for the compliments. I am glad you enjoyed it. :) Take care .

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      What an amazing hub, so much feeling and emotion and terrific content. I really enjoyed it you are an exceptional writer. Take care. Talk to you again.