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Win the Battle against FEAR to find your Healing Path from Cancer

Updated on April 25, 2015

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Diagnosed with Cancer? Now what?

Being diagnosed with a serious disease – especially one as scary as cancer – is a life changing event. Even if you are the most evolved person it is hard to take such news. You always hear people talk about battling cancer and the war against cancer. I never felt a connection to those slogans. My battle was mostly against the fear the cancer diagnosis brought into my life. My biggest fear was actually the treatment and not the cancer itself. I felt I had to find another way to heal myself that did not involve chemotherapy.

Cancer is one disease that has many healing options despite what conventional medicine will tell you. The healing path may actually be unique for each person. To completely heal you must address the physical (what in your body is malfunctioning, why and what does it need), the mental or emotional (what bad energies do you have in your life and what baggage are you holding on to) and spiritual (why did this disease find you and what do you need to change spiritually in your life to heal). Most conventional treatments only attempt to resolve the physical issues but may only address the symptom (cancer tumor) and not the cause (why was cancer growing in the first place).

If your healing path is unique to you then how would you know what to do? First and foremost you have to let go of that feeling of desperation, helplessness and doom. Fear is paralyzing and may cause you to act out of haste and desperation. No matter what, you always have time so there is no reason to act hastily. It is very important to take the time to relax, breathe and get in touch with your inner self. Healing is multifaceted so whatever you are doing to calm yourself down isn’t postponing treatment. It is helping you to get better.

This book found ME at the library!

Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels
Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels

I was looking for a book to help me and didn't know which one. This book was found laying right next to my purse in the aisle of the library. It definitely wasn't there when put my purse down and I was the only one in the aisle!

This book helped me to better tune into my divine guidance and have complete confidence in that fact that I have help every step of the way. Awesome! A must read for anyone searching for divine assistance.


*Quotes taken from this great book

Nurturing Spirituality in Children: Simple Hands-On Activities
Nurturing Spirituality in Children: Simple Hands-On Activities

This book may be for children but there are some great simple lessons in here for adults. I bought this for my son who is too young right now but I love flipping through the pages and learning myself.


Donna Eden 5 min way to Eliminate Stress from your Body

Find Your Healing Path

It is only until you find the calm place within yourself, a loving acceptance of your situation, can your healing path be revealed. This may sound obscure to you but time and time again I see people searching frantically for answers (I did as well) to no avail. The problem is you end up getting a lot of advice, too much advice, such an overwhelming amount of advice that your head is spinning. There is no way for you to be able to process this information and make a decision. You can’t possibly do all of it….see every natural doctor, take every herb and vitamin, do every cleanse, or see every healer. You have to be able to pick and choose the ones that most suit you. If you are overwhelmed with fear, can’t think with a calm mind and you are scattered, you will probably waste a lot of money with no results (I did this as well). If you can remove yourself a bit from the situation by pretending it is not you or that you have already gotten through it that will help you come from a place of peace. Only then will the answers find you. You can stop the frantic searching and just live each day in faith. Ask for the healing to find you.

How will the healing find you? Ask in prayer or just ask for help and then allow the answers come. “Know that we each have a guidance factor within us. Some call it the Inner Teacher. It tries to speak to us and give us direction, but it can be heard only if our minds are calm and still like a very quiet pool. An overly busy mind focuses only on the problems.”* But if the mind is less cluttered and less fearful the problems are usually answered. “ A quiet mind can see beyond confusion to a solution.”*

"We each have a guidance factor within us. Some call it the Inner Teacher. It tries to speak to us and give us directions, but it can be heard only if our minds are calm and still like a very quiet pond. The beauty of a tree is not seen in churning water, and the guidance factor is not heard by a churning mind. An overly busy mind focuses on problems. But when the mind is made very quiet, these problems are usually answered. A quiet mind can see beyond confusion to a solution." This was taken out of a lesson from the book 'Nurturing Spirituality in Children'. This is a simple way of saying that when your mind focuses only on the problem or fear the solution is harder to find. It finds us more easily when we calm our minds. Releasing the fear helps us to do this.

For me the solution came to me as ideas formulating in my head. It was opening an email with an article in it about a local healer. It was talking to a friend who mentioned a nutrition center that her family visited. It was going to the library and finding a book mysteriously placed near my purse in the aisle. (It was the book Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue and was exactly what I needed at the time!). When an idea is presented to you that is the right one you will feel a sense of excitement. If you are not sure you can ask for confirmation and if it is the right one for you, you will see the idea again, perhaps in a magazine, in an email or another friend will mention it.

You can’t just simply act on every idea someone presents to you or you will end up overwhelmed and penniless. You have to be able to sense what is right for you and the only way to do that is to come from a calm, centered, loving place. I remember when I found the two people (methods) that ended up helping me to heal I felt this sense of nervous excitement. It was a weird feeling and one that I have come to know again and again. This feeling is how I know I am on the right path. Visit my blog if you want to learn more about natural approaches to healing breast cancer.

Think of Cancer as a Child

Gotta to be True to Yourself!!

True To Myself
True To Myself

Love this song. This has become my motto over the years and one of the things that helped to put power behind my decision to heal naturally. Thanks Ziggy!


Being True to Yourself - People may think you are crazy

I realize that what I am saying is not the easiest thing to do. You will have people and family look at you like you are crazy. You will probably have a lot of explaining to do as you turn away from conventional medicine. I knew conventional medicine would not be the answer for me. I have always been a naturalist and believed that we need to love our bodies like a baby and find out what is wrong and not just dilute it with poisonous chemicals. I knew in my heart that if I resorted to this and was not true to myself, I would surely die. That knowing helped me to stand up to my opposition (deep concern really). The problem was I didn’t exactly have proof that another healing method would work….only that I knew that conventional wasn’t right for me.

As I let go of fear and found my calm, centered and loving place the opposition began to back away. I looked like I had my act together. I looked better so maybe I knew what I was doing?? It helped me when the opposition finally backed off and let me do what I needed to do. Although this was MY healing and I didn’t really NEED approval from anyone, it felt good for me to let go of the need to explain myself to everyone. It was therapeutic when I found people who understood where I was coming from and supported me in my decisions. It was a lonely path for the most part as I was ultimately the driver of the ship but it was one of great learning and intense spiritual growth.

Continue to Win the Battle Against Fear

It took about 3 years for me to get the scare of cancer out of my mind. I am emotionally free of the disease. I no longer feel any relation to it. The old haunting fear is gone or at least I now know how to get rid of it. I still have concerns as my body is not quite the same from the two surgeries (lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy). My chest is lumpy with scar tissue, my right arm misses the lymph nodes that were removed. The nodes swell and over-react to trauma. I could definitely freak out about something daily if that is what I chose to do.

Since I know that cancer is actually fed by fear I make a point not to go to that dark place for very long. I use the techniques I describe in my article about fear daily to keep worry and doubt out of my thoughts. I also know that I am doing everything I can to monitor my health in a natural way (monthly nutrition checkups, annual blood work and Thermograms). I leave to rest to my higher power and continue to remain open to further “treatment” or healing and/or signs that I need to do something. When I hear of something new I consider it and if it feels right and is feasible I may try it.

I do still battle with fear and uncertainty daily like everyone else. The difference is now I WIN the battle and do not let fear consume me or stop me from living. I hope that you can find the strength to find your unique healing path and most importantly, be true to yourself in the process.


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