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World Lady Fitness

Updated on April 20, 2013

We all agree! Every woman wants to look slim, smart and sexy. We would love to get attention and make heads turn on the street. But, experts say, for that Angelina Jolie look first you need to enter that beautiful world of ‘Lady Fitness’. So shed that extra weight and fat. Now, women are getting smarter and smarter. They are moving away from the hype of weight loss pills and other ‘miracle’ TV gigs. Lady Fitness is spreading very fast.

Michelle Obama

Women in America and all over the world are either engaged in good-old exercises like Jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, skipping rope or burning the extra calories in front of their TV sets, in the comfort of their homes, or sweating it out at gyms. Exercises that once thought belonged only to men, to show off their muscles, are now becoming renamed as Lady Fitness Programs. Remember how TV screens across US flashed and people admired with awe the muscular arms and tight figure of Michelle Obama during the campaign trail and the inaugural ball dance?

Now the secret is out of the bag. For years she was using the arms training superset and several triceps pushdowns and Hammer Curls. These weight lifting moves refine Triceps and Bicep Muscles. Once, Michelle Obama was quoted by a health magazine as saying that physical exercise not only helped her to maintain her body, but gave her good health and relieved the White House stress.

Welcome to the World of Lady Fitness

If weight lifting is giving you the creeps, then what about these fitness moves: Pelvic Tilt, Wide leg press, Lunges.

Loose the Fat Butt

Method: Lie on your back. Gently tighten your stomach muscles. Push the arch of your back towards the floor. Squeeze your bottom tight. Hold, hold the position……..

Are you wondering whether this is something from Kamasutra? No, this exercise helps you lose the Fat from your Bulging But.

Do it with a friend

Sometimes when days go by, we tend to lose enthusiasm on Lady Fitness. Exercises can get pretty boring if you are doing the same workouts over and over. Add little tips and tricks and change the workouts regularly. Enjoy the workouts and you will start getting better results. If you are going to a gym, change your machines regularly. Getting a friend to join you in your fitness workout is another absolute best way to stay fit. It will be more interesting if you get your husband, friend or even a sibling interested in fitness. Discover some new workouts to suit their age and gender.


"Of course, there is no age limit for Lady Fitness. It’s ideal even for grandmas."

Stay Healthy

Staying with Lady Fitness is extremely essential for a healthy life. It is extremely beneficial for every aspects of your life. It prevents cancer, heart attack, arthritis and will keep you active.

So go ahead, enjoy Lady Fitness and stay fit and healthy.


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