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You Can Do Miracles! Do You Remember?

Updated on November 9, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


The more I purge myself from selfishness, the more I become a channel of miracles.

— Sean Dragon

God's Breath

Each one of us is a child of the sublime Creator of Love. All of us we have His creative breath within us, and we can all use it, at all times, to accomplish our own miracles. For this purpose, we were created. For this purpose, He gave us this beautiful world. To let this divine energy overflow from within and flood in it. So that we can experience happiness by recreating and continuously improving this world, with love, until it is free from the bonds of pain, injustice, corruption and death.

Dream your miracles, believe in them and let them happen.

— Sean Dragon

We Have Been Told So

All the great masters have told us about the ability we have to do miracles. But, also, we prove it daily to each other.

If we recall the news of any day, we will find many acts of our fellow human beings around the world that go beyond the limits of what we have set in our minds as human potentials, actions which have described as miracles.

Magic and miracles will always be here, within and around us until we are able to experience them.

— Sean Dragon

We Are the Proof

People who have cured others or have been healed of incurable illnesses, heroic acts of self-sacrifice that have saved the lives of other people, lives dedicated to the service and relief of the tortured souls of the planet, and the list is going on without end.

Love will always run to help those who serve her, when they are in need, bringing with her the miracles.

— Sean Dragon

In every such wonderful act, we will always find that a specific element is absent. This element is selfishness. When the will to offer love, to serve, becomes higher than the needs of the Ego, when it becomes even greater than the desire for our own happiness or our own life, then there is no more selfishness! Then miracles happen!

Every one of us was born able for miracles. It is our own choice if we will struggle to make them true.

— Sean Dragon

Selfishness Is The Obstacle

Therefore, selfishness is the obstacle that deprives most of us of this ability to act miraculously. Because we should understand that our unity with the Creator is what gives us this miraculous power, He is its inexhaustible Source. But when we do not experience this unity, but, instead, we think that we are separate and cut off from Him, then we put barriers in the flow of this power. And selfishness is what makes us believe in the illusion of our separation from Him. It also makes us believe that we are separate from the rest of the people, ending up consider them as competitors or even as our enemies. It makes us think that we are separate from this wonderful planet and the other creatures, and then we live in a cruel and threatening world.


But if I think in this way how will I want to offer? So how will I let this power act miraculously within me?

Let us try, day by day, to break the barrier of selfishness within us. Let us dedicate a little time each day to the thought of our unity with every creature of this wonderful world. Let us give a little time every day on offering and serving. As much as we can every time, and in any way we can, and believe me, there is always something we can do. Even a smile to an unknown, a kind word to someone who needs it, an act of kindness to someone who does not expect it, can start a miracle. I'm sure that if you try it, you will see how addictive is! It will become a daily habit that will fill your lives with happiness! Real Happiness and not the illusion of happiness of the Material Goods.

I have already lived fifty wonderful years, filled with miracles, and I still think they are just the prologue to something even more wonderful. Glory Be!

— Sean Dragon

Live In Paradise Now

So, step by step, as we will purify ourselves from the rust of delusions and the bonds of selfishness, we will become conduits of miracles for the world. Our power will be added to the power of our brothers who are trying the same and all together we will be the cause for many more to try. Eventually, we will all be able to accomplish the great miracle: to make this world the Paradise that is worth to be.

I become a channel of Love to bring miracles to Your world.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


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