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You Have a Happy Year Ahead

Updated on December 27, 2009

The New Year is Here

Oh my, how exciting it is to know that we've reached the second decade of the new millennium.  Our lives have not changed much, or they've changed a lot.  Depends on how you want to live.  Do you wish to be obscenely rich?  How about being more beautiful a person on the inside or the outside?  Anything you desire is a wish that can come true.  I bet you are thinking "Yeah, right!" right about now.  

Think about it.  Everything we have is because of something we've chosen.  We choose to work out and our bodies oblige us with toning up and thinning out.  We bathe and our skin clears up, we brush our teeth and they stay white and we hug our children and they grow up to be loving parents.  

So, I contend the following:  Be good to yourself.  If you are good to yourself then you will feel like being good to other people.  If you don't have a job, that's fine, a simple smile in the mirror is a great treat.  Look in that mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are a beautiful/handsome person and you are worth everything that you can give yourself.  Then look at your friends, family, and strangers you see on the sidewalk and smile at them.  All of them.  Every person you share your smile with will walk away from you with a new sense of happiness all their own.

Think about the things that mean the most to you.  Warm sugar cookies, roast with carrots and potatoes, that most comfortable pair of jeans, the sunshine in the morning, all great memories.  Can you just reminisce for a moment?  It is the best thing for you.  Nostalgia is psychologically healing, did you know that?  I heard it on the news this morning.  So remember when you sat at the kids' table for Thanksgiving or when you fell off your brand new bike.  

After you have spread your smile around the neighborhood it is time to go to step two.  Get a haircut.  That's right.  Change your look.  Drastically change it so that you are not even the same person.  Take yourself out for a nice new outfit.  If you cannot afford Macy's then go to Forever 21 or even Sears.  Too steep?  Wal-Mart seems to be everywhere in the USA.  I don't know the comparable for Europe.  A new shirt, a new pair of shoes--who can't use a new pair of shoes?  

Re-invent yourself and you will be a happy person.  Re-invent yourself and make a new life in the new year.  The more you do that makes you feel positive the more you will be positive.  Be happy, smile, don't shout or get angry.  If you don't feel like smiling then look at yourself in the mirror and smile anyway until it feels right.  If someone is bothering you decide if they are affecting your ability to do your own thing.  If the person is altering your existence walk away from them, they're not worth it.  Don't let anyone change you, you're a great person and no one can tell you differently!  The more you think of yourself the more you'll think of others.  Transferring those feelings is easy if you find yourself a bit telepathic.  It also helps when they feel empathy because your projected positivism will be absorbed by them.

I wish every one of you the happiest of new years and be sure to keep your spirits up no matter who may be trying to change you.  Only you and your personal choices can change you so think before you act and be who you want to be and your life will move up.


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