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Your posture affects your health

Updated on May 14, 2010

What's your posture?



Find out during National Chiropractic Care Week – May 24-30th 2010


Nationwide residents are being encouraged to take a good long look at themselves during National Chiropractic Care Week, which runs from May 24 to 30.


“There’s no better time to ponder your posture and identify any bad habits that could be taking their toll on your spine,” local chiropractor,Lara Cawthra advised.


This year’s National Chiropractic Care Week theme asks: ‘Which posture are you?’ 



Up to 90 per cent of people have poor posture, which puts extra pressure on the spine and can lead to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue.


Bad posture can also compress internal organs resulting in issues such as respiratory problems, chest tightness, high blood pressure and poor digestion.


 Everyday activities are usually  the catalyst for the high prevalence of poor posture in today’s society.


The way both adults and children sit, sleep, stand, walk, work and play can all have a big impact on our posture with different lifestyle types being more prone to certain problems.


Some of the more common problems that we see include low back pain from the office routine, posture related problems in Mums especially those who carry young children on their hips, strain related injuries not just from sports but by weekend gardeners and DIY enthusiasts and of course in our school children with their school bags which weigh them down.


The good news is that postural issues can be corrected and even reversed in some cases.


To make the most of your posture use the National Chiropractic Care Week as a prompt to get in tune with your body.


You can make an appointment with a registered chiropractor for a posture assessment, advice and exercises to strengthen and improve posture as well as appropriate chiropractic care to help the body overcome structural issues.


Chiropractors are four/five year university trained, government regulated and registered healthcare professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and management of spinal health related problems. 


To coincide with National Chiropractic Care Week, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia has launched a new website: that details common postural problems associated with four typical lifestyles ranging from a busy mum to an active retiree.  It includes self assessment tools and comprehensive information on how chiropractic care works to help people maintain a healthy spine for a healthier life.



What’s Your Posture?


Common Problems

Likely Culprit

Round shoulders

·         Prolonged slouching – especially in front of a computer screen

·         Gardening in a hunched position

Uneven or rotated hips

·         Sitting cross legged

·         Carrying children on one hip

·         Carrying uneven loads or a bag on one shoulder

·         Twisting

Forward head posture

·         Loaded backpacks

·         Computer / desk work




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