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Anxiety Attack Relief

Updated on August 22, 2010

Anxiety Attack Relief

Anyone who has ever experienced the straight-up horror of anxiety attacks would agree that the main thing you think once you’ve had one is “I hope I never have one of these again!” For any person that has ever had this unfortunate experience, they normally would quickly be looking for some sort of anxiety attack relief due to the scar that it can leave on their memory. I maintain that once you have had any type of panic attack or anxiety attack, the one thing that can plague you the most is not so much whether or not you have an additional attack, but rather dealing with the fear of having the attack. It’s almost like the worst part is the negative anticipation of “spiraling” into the mounting tension that ends up fully manifesting in the form of an anxiety attack. Having experienced several anxiety attacks over the course of my lifetime, I can personally attest that it can be an extremely mentally oppressive ordeal. You can literally feel imprisoned by your own mind, and the fact that you can’t “escape from yourself”, so to speak, adds to the tension. If you have been a victim of an anxiety attack, one of the things to be aware of is that it is a treatable condition; you’re not stuck in a hopeless situation. The potential cures and treatments are manifold, and it’s not always an easy task to choose which one will be right for you. Some people have no problem finding relief for anxiety attacks through drugs prescribed by their doctor (i.e., Seredyn, Xanax, etc.); while others would much rather seek out more naturally-based treatments due to their convictions about not letting any foreign substances into their system. Both sides have their merits and their drawbacks, and I would never recommended for that type of decision to be made without the help of a physician or some type of professional in the medical field being present to provide sound advice and suggestions.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art
Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art

Relief for Anxiety Attacks

Perhaps one of the best forms of anxiety attack relief is to take the time to soundly identify the actual root cause of the anxiety. You may be surprised at what you’d find if you could take the time to approach the condition with an extremely objective point of view, and a hunger only to find out the truth, without pre-judging or being self-biased in a manner that excuses away the difficult aspects of the situation. You have to be (if I may humbly say) brave enough to truly face up to the real origin of the issue. Many times this can be uncomfortable, because a lot of times anxiety disorder can be traced back to some type of life-altering or tragic event in our lives. Other times it can be based in a fear of what is to come in our lives, based on what we perceive on the horizon. Many of us are looking at the different situations in our lives, and following the path out logically, we can feel like a “perfect storm” is coming, so it can give us a lot of stress about what the future may hold. Again, none of these things are comfortable to deal with, and it takes quite a bit of courage to own up to how much these things can really affect us. A lot of us like to think that we’re “invincible”, and that nothing can get to us, but when we suppress the causes of our personal stress, it will surface later, oftentimes in the form of anxiety attacks or panic attacks. So where does this leave us? The bottom line is, you have to be willing to keep an open mind about possible anxiety disorder treatments, both on the pharmaceutical side and the mental or therapeutic side, simply because your main objective is to find and ultimately achieve relief for anxiety attacks, and not get too entangled up in the methodology used. But in every aspect of your search for anxiety attack relief, be sure to seek the help of qualified professionals, and do it unashamed, because you truly don’t face this condition alone. There are plenty of people that have been where you are, and there are a plethora of qualified professionals that are more than willing to help you achieve this goal as well.


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    • SteadyHubs profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Gotcha, bro!

    • toneyahuja profile image


      8 years ago from India

      Great hub. Anxiety attacks are never any fun. The good news is possible treatment. . Say goodbye panic attack, goodbye anxiety attack, Follow panic away program. With simple technique each morning


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