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Anxiety Panic Attack Treatment Without Pills

Updated on October 30, 2014

Anxiety Panic Attack Treatment That Is Natural And Doesn't Involve Pills

I've suffered from anxiety for a few years until I learned to control it. It's not like it will never return, but now if I find any signs of it approaching, I know just what to do - the right anxiety panic attack treatment that don't involve medication with pills that you'd have to take every day over and over again.

The long lasting panic attack treatment is natural, which deals not only with the anxiety panic attack symptoms but also with the underlying cause, and that's why I like a rather holistic approach for it.

Too many people are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety and they are taking anxiety panic attack medication throughout their entire lives - without real reason, just because one doctor or the other told them. Of course doctors are against anything natural, we all know that. This is why doing the proper research is the first step in really getting rid of anxiety panic attacks through deep breathing exercises, drinking herbal teas that help or using a few additional natural aids that really help.

deep breathing exercises
deep breathing exercises | Source

Deep Breathing Exercises

* Deep Breathing Exercises release tension from the body and clear the mind, improving both physical and mental wellness.

How to do these meditation exercises, however, as it doesn't seem so easy unless you've been at it for a while.

I've been doing breathing exercises for year, and this is pretty much how I go about it:

1. Sit up straight (or lie on your back, whatever suits you better)

2. Exhale completely through your mouth

3. Breath in slowly through your nose

4. Hold your breath to a count of two to five (or anything similar that you can hold to)

5. Then slowly breath out through your mouth until all air is out. Exhaling takes a bit longer than inhaling.

Find A Happy Place In Your Mind

* Find a happy place in your mind that you can always go back to. Just sit quietly and breath, and think of happy thoughts.

Don't think of your attack (yeah I know it's like when I tell you 'don't think of the pink elephant', your mind goes right away guess where, lol: to the pink elephant. But you can do it, it takes just a little bit of practice)

Listen to Healing And Soothing Reiki Music

* Listen to some Reiki soothing music (Aeoliah, Llewellyn), I usually find it helps.

This Cd is one of my favorites. One of the things helped me personally cope with anxiety panic attack was reiki. But it was more than that. I started listening to Reiki music, and one thing lead to another, and now I have a level 2 Reiki attunement :)

Now that I can do reiki healing on myself (and others too), even though my anxiety panic attacks have lessened, if not completely gone away, I am still in the habit of giving myself a 10-15 minutes reiki every day. This is a side benefit of searching for solutions on a problem, you might help yourself in more ways than you can imagine :)

This is not to say that Reiki is what singularly healed me. However as an anxiety attack help, it did a lot for me, and it continues to help me on a daily basis.

Additional Anxiety Panic Attacks Treatment Tips

What else you can do

* Put some cold water on your face, either by splashing it, or using a wet towel. It should be cold though, not lukewarm

* Drink chamomile herbal tea. It calms your nerves, your stomach and strengthens your immune system.

* Meditation and Visualization are very good.

This sort of goes hand in hand with going to a happy place in your mind, however it's more than that. Meditation is something that you can learn and it will be of great benefit to your life in general. And visualisation, you're doing it already, we all do :) The trick is to visualise positive, and not negative images!

Don't Forget

Don't go for fast symptom relief that doesn't work.

The Easy Calm Anxiety Treatment does!

Use A Guide To Work Through You Anxiety

Anxiety phobia workbook
Anxiety phobia workbook | Source

This workbook helped me a lot in reducing and eventually getting rid of my anxiety. It's the 4th edition, but i think there are now newer editions out there right now. I had it from around 2006 when I had anxiety and panic attack problems.

It's a good book to have because it deals with lots of anxiety types and phobias. While in the meantime I've learned that part of my symptoms are because I am HSP, not knowing at the time caused me lots of problems, including social phobia - I could not be for long time with other people.

But working through this book you can really learn about yourself and how to deal with issues as they come - and what treatments are best for each scenario.


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