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Asthma and Fish Oil – Worthy Adversaries?

Updated on April 7, 2010

Asthma and Fish Oil

Are there good health connections between asthma and fish oil? According to an IndianaUniversity study, findings reveal that one of the most effective remedies for asthma symptoms is actually fish oil, particularly dealing with asthma symptoms that arise from strenuous exercise.

For some people who have severe asthma symptoms, emergency medication is a needed tool in their arsenal. In reference to the aforementioned study, they ran a test with 16 asthma patients who had symptoms ranging from mild to severe, and required daily asthma medications to quell the attacks. The patients in the study were given significantly high doses of fish oil which contain Eicosapentaenoic acid (3.2 grams). This extremely long-named acid is also known as EPA for short. The fist oil also contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid—say that one five times really fast), about 2 grams over a three week period.

Prior to the administration of the fish oil, the lungs of the test patients were examined and run through different kinds of efficiency tests. The asthma patients also had sputum samples taken and analyzed. There were some other conditions that were noted in the test, such as inflammatory cells and markers. At the end of the study, the same tests were performed as well. Once the patients underwent the three-week period of receiving the fish oil dosages on a regular basis, their lung efficiency increased by 64%, and they were able to reduce their dependency on asthma medications by approximately 31%. One of the key attributes of fish oil is its anti-inflammatory properties, due to the Omega-3 fatty acids that are present.

Fish Oil: A Genuine Cure for Asthma?

Many asthma patients have second thoughts or hesitations about exercising, due to the fear of having an asthma attack. This type of mentality can be a hindrance to an asthma patient, because the human body still requires adequate exercise to maintain health. In many cases, the airways of an asthma patient can become inflamed due to strenuous exercise, and this restricts free breathing. Normally when this happens, a medical professional will say that the asthma attack was brought on by exercise. How can you really determine if you’re experiencing asthma symptoms? Well, check the following areas: Do you have wheezing or shortness of breath? Is your chest tight, or are you coughing? If this is the case, take heart, because most asthma symptoms will wear off around 1 and a half hours after the initial attack.

If you decide to work out or exercise in cool and dry conditions, you may be more susceptible to asthma attacks then, because your airways cool and dry out as well. This will release chemicals within the body that inflame the air passages and restrict air flow through the airways. Many doctors encourage asthma patients to go swimming, because it is a much rarer thing for an asthma patient to experience an attack in moist air.

You must include fish oil in your regimen of daily supplements due to the therapeutic benefits it offers. You can utilize it to prevent future asthma attacks that are considered to be “exercise-induced”. It is a good idea to be wary of lower-grade fish oils because they could contain toxins. Make every effort to only buy the best quality or pharmaceutical grade fish oils.


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