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Constant Pain in Shoulder

Updated on May 28, 2010

Constant Pain In Shoulder


Do you work out a lot and are having a constant pain in your shoulder? Did you sleep the wrong way and now have a constant pain in your shoulder? Do you have a constant pain in your shoulder and don’t know why? I’ve recently had a constant pain in my shoulder that I got from sleeping on crappy pillows. It was not a good feeling. My shoulder/collar bone area hurt for nearly three whole days. It hurt when I tilted my head in the opposite direction of the hurt shoulder. It also hurt whenever I lifted my arm or whenever I simply rested my shoulder by letting it hang down with by it’s own weight. It was very uncomfortable. What’s weird is that I’d never had this pain before and I got it as I said, by sleeping on my pillows. That’s a surefire sign that it is time to change my pillows. My case is a simple one, thankfully but there are a few reasons that are a little more serious that could cause constant pain in shoulder. Shoulder arthritis is one major cause of shoulder pain. Some symptoms of shoulder arthritis are pain in the either the front of back of your shoulder, limited range of motion, tenderness to the touch (weird huh?), weakness in your shoulder muscles and/or snapping and popping without movement. Shoulder arthritis can be seen on an x-ray so don’t hesitate to see your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms. Another huge culprit of shoulder pain is shoulder bursitis. The symptoms of shoulder bursitis are pretty similar to shoulder arthritis with the exception of a few which are a weaker shoulder and upper arm, pain that awakens you from your sleep or pain when you attempt to lay on the sore shoulder, aching pain at rest and pain when you try to lift your arm over your head. Athletes may experience this one more than others but a major cause of shoulder pain rotator cuff shoulder pain. Some of the symptoms here are hot and burning feeling, mild popping and cracking sounds during movement, pain when performing the pushing movement.

Constant Pain in Shoulder

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Constant Pain in Shoulder


There are other causes of shoulder pain and other areas of the shoulder that one may experience pain in. The general rule of thumb regarding body aches and pains are rotating heat and ice or heat and cool on the sore area of the body. During my short but painful bout with constant pain in shoulder, I used one of those nifty microwaveable heat-packs. It is called The Original Bed Buddy. You place it in the microwave for about a minute and a half, take it out and lay it on your shoulder. There are two straps for you to hang your hands on for added pressure from the bag. In fact, just writing about it made me want to wrap it around my neck, so I did. And it feels great! If you do decide to see your doctor, which I do suggest, maybe you could request one and get some relief from your constant pain in shoulder.


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