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Cystic Acne Around the Mouth

Updated on November 29, 2014

Cystic Acne Around the Mouth

Anyone that has ever had to deal with the extremely unpleasant skin condition known as acne can attest to how stressful and debilitating it can be. This hub in particular will focus on cystic acne around the mouth, and although it is just one of many variants of the acne vulgaris category, it has often been considered to be one of the most oppressive to deal with, primarily because there’s so much attention that’s put on the facial area in social situations, and even further, so much attention is put on the mouth, because it’s how we communicate with each other. This may sound somewhat like “psycho-babble”, but it’s actually true; I think (and believe me, I’m not the authority on these matters, but this is my opinion) that having a concentration of acne around the mouth is probably more distressing than, say, having it around your forehead. Again, I think it’s because people will unconsciously focus on the part of your face that’s moving when you’re talking. So, in a way, I can see how having acne around the mouth may be more of a distressing situation than having acne in other areas of the face. But anyway, as far as what exactly cystic acne is, it is a skin condition that’s categorized under the type of acne known as “acne vulgaris”, and it is characterized by large bumps (known as “cysts” or “nodules”) that are filled with pus. It can appear anywhere on the face, but for the purposes of this hub, we will only focus on cystic acne that appears around the mouth.

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Cystic Acne Around the Mouth

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Cystic Acne Around the Mouth


The redness and inflammatory nature of cystic acne can seem to be even more devastating to a person’s self image when the cluster of acne is located around the mouth, since it seems to appear more pronounced in that area. Much of the cause of acne has been attributed to hormonal changes, especially during the puberty phase, and for many people the acne naturally clears up once a person enters into their mid-twenties. That being said, the other side of the coin is that some people actually carry acne all the way into their thirties and even forties. Much of it depends on your physical makeup, the pH balance of your body, genetic factors, and then diet must also be considered as a potential catalyst for acne. Scarring is known to occur more frequently with cystic acne than with the plain “garden variety” of acne, and it is strongly suggested that if you’re dealing with cystic acne, do your best not to try to squeeze or “pop” any of the nodules or cysts, as they can leave permanent scarring and do significant damage to fragile facial skin. When acne breaks out in close proximity to the mouth, it’s known as “perioral dermatitis”. As far as potential remedies for cystic acne around the mouth, there are quite a few medications and treatments on the market that are worth checking out, and trying, with the recommendation of your dermatologist. Many times corticosteroid creams will be prescribed, which basically help to reduce the inflammation of the skin. As far as the itching that comes with cystic acne around the mouth, many times antihistamines are used to stave off the itching. Most of the time, treatment will be tailored based on the particular cause of the problem. Sometimes, cystic acne around the mouth can be the result of an allergic reaction to some environmental element, or even to some certain ingredients in food. No matter what treatment you ultimately end up implementing, it is very important that you consult with a qualified professional (i.e., a dermatologist) before making a move. It will be of good benefit to you in the long run.


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