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Chin Acne Causes

Updated on August 30, 2014

Chin Acne Causes

I’m writing this hub to investigate into some of the ever-elusive chin acne causes that have been documented by researchers. For anyone who has had to deal with chin acne, you know how embarrassing it can be, and how much it can affect your self-image. People on the outside looking in may not think that it can do so much mental damage, but if you’ve ever had to personally deal with an acne-riddled face, you know how much your skin health affects your perception of yourself. People can talk all day long about “It’s not how you look on the outside, but it’s your inner beauty that counts.” I can see where that’s true, but that still doesn’t take away the pain you feel when your outside looks aren’t up to par. But before I get off into my own world of soapbox, let me focus a little on what chin acne is. Chin acne is actually not any different from acne on any other part of the body; it can be caused by an over-production of oil in the skin pores, or by dead skin cells accumulating in pores. This can leave the pores vulnerable to clogs and possible bacteria and subsequent infection, which manifests itself in the form of acne. Sometimes people (myself included) have tried to pick at the acne or pop certain zits within the cluster, but many times this can make the condition worse, and it can even leave the skin susceptible to scarring.

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Chin Acne Causes

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Chin Acne Causes

Some of the more common causes of chin acne include hormonal imbalances, or any type of overactive hormones (which is quite common in teenagers). Females tend to deal with chin acne more than males, primarily due to the “hormone battles” that they face during menstruation and so forth. In fact, many women report of how their skin is usually much more prone to breakouts on the week or two weeks preceding their monthly cycle. Another possible common cause is an overage of toxins within the body, primarily from eating foods that are not healthy for the body, or that can throw the pH balance of the body into disarray. This includes heavy oily foods, such as fried foods or butter-heavy foods, or even certain salad dressings that are heavy in oil content. Another possible way that foods can throw the pH balance off is if the foods are highly acidic or highly alkaline foods. These things can contribute to an “out-of-whack” pH balance, which can in turn upset the skin. Another possible cause of chin acne is simply stress. Stress has an astounding effect on the physical body, and can be the source of all kinds of physical ailments, including acne. Some experts have attributed more severe skin conditions such as eczema to stress as well (take a look at some dyshidrotic eczema pictures if you want to see how more extreme forms of eczema can ravage your skin). If you’re living a life with a high stress level, it would behoove you to study on how to apply some relaxation techniques or some stress management techniques to your daily routine so that you will not be “frazzled”, which can many times trigger skin breakouts and other kinds of disorders. This is just a small list of possible chin acne causes; I hope that in this list you have been able to possibly identify a few items that can help in alleviating this burdensome skin problem.


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      Mogli 4 years ago

      good article but forgot to mention that well in my experience exfoliation is a key role for chin acne to get somewhat better.............