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Fight Depression with Action

Updated on April 21, 2010

Fight Depression with Action

Depression can sneak up on you no matter what the season may be…it doesn’t have to be holiday time for you to suffer from depression. All of us at one time or another have dealt with those feelings of depression, where the idea of trying to fight depression seems like an insurmountable task at the time. This hub was designed to provide some ideas to help you combat depression when it rears its ugly head.

The “moody blues” (no, not the band from the 70’s) are basically a universal feeling. Nobody can ignore them. Music many times will feed into this feeling, and it can get overwhelming without us doing anything to try and combat it. Sometimes, the help of a therapist is recommended, when the situation is more severe and may require professional help. But other times, when dealing with the mild depression that confronts us all at times, it may be good to try the following actions that may help alleviate some of those blues:

Laughter is definitely the best medicine, as the old saying goes. Just laughing can help to relieve and release stress. Find a funny movie to watch, or some funny videos on YouTube. Get around people who have a humorous personality and just take some time to laugh about life. Try not to take yourself (or life) too seriously all the time.

Music can soothe the depressed soul, but it has to be the type of upbeat music that can lift your spirits, not the depressed and sullen music that can weigh you down. Even if you can find someone to dance with, that may make things even better. Music causes our very souls to respond a lot of times. Try to select songs that have a good “vibe” to them.

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Fighting Depression

Doing housework a lot of times will clear your head and make you feel less depressed. When you know that your bathroom, living room, etc. is clean, it gives you a sense of joy and pride, because things just feel “in order”. Do something, anything that moves your body and gets you in motion. This can be riding a bike, playing basketball, whatever it is to get your body moving. Just sitting and enjoying a sunset is an awesome thing to experience, and it keeps you in mind of how awesome the world around us really is.

There’s an old saying that you should “count your blessings”. Think of all the things that you have to be thankful for. Yeah, you may not have the best job, but be thankful that you are employed—there are millions of people right now that would do anything to get a job. You may not have all the things you desire to have yet, but take a look at what’s already in your possession—you’ll find that you have way more than you think. Do your best to remain thankful.  A healthy dose of prayer never hurt anyone going through depression. 

Last but not least, eat some ice cream!!! This is probably the best step of all. Ice cream makes everyone feel better.

Hopefully you have derived some benefit from this hub about how to fight depression with action. These steps are not the only ones you can take, but they can maybe be a catalyst that will help you get going in the right direction.


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    • praveen000 profile image

      praveen000 7 years ago from Good Old USA

      Thank you, Patrick! I appreciate your feedback.

    • profile image

      Patrick Collins 7 years ago

      Awesome article. That's a perfect example of the self help strategies that people NEED when in these situations .... not just medications.

      Very simple principle but so important. Good work