Treatment for eczema scars?

  1. precy anza profile image85
    precy anzaposted 5 years ago

    I had suffered from severe eczema last month but I am ok now as the rashes had healed. (Thou I still get about 1 rash on some days, but I have my prescribed cream to use on it.) It's been over a month now that the rashes had healed and I was left with scars, mostly on my feet, legs, waist and lower back.

    For those who had experienced it as well, or those who knows some natural ways to help heal the scars, I would love to read and try the remedies you can suggest. I am so thankful I had healed now and would be happy to look at myself on the mirror, scars free.

    Also, would they heal on their own? I'm afraid if they do, I would have to wait for years.