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    thiruselvamkposted 4 years ago

    There is absolutely no count of the number of air borne fine bits of air borne particulate matter that you have breathed in, in the last one minute. Particulate matter is what is so very microscopic, that it is invisible to the naked eye. Are these particulates problematic to people? Have you not noticed amongst people who when are indoors tend to cough very often, have sniffles similar to a runny nose and often falling ill. These air borne particulates can be anything from dust, dust mites, skin flakes, pets fur, pet dander, smoke, exhaled human air, pollens, and other pollutants like fumes off equipment, gases off cleaning detergents, cigarette smoke; bred bacteria flying off the filters in air conditioners and sick air off the exhausts of vacuum cleaners. Many who fall sick so very often blame stress and strains of job and life; lack of sleep or rest or that they picked it up from someone else. The truth is the contaminants inhaled during every breath, brought about the illness. Illnesses related to air pollution could be asthma, wheezing; sinus; coughs and sneezes. teary eyes, respiratory related ills, skin rashes and many other allergy reactions. Indoor pollution leaves deposits of particulates in lungs, and have been known to cross into blood streams and even the placenta of pregnant mothers. Indoor pollution needs checking indoors and in the comfort of bedrooms, the affected cases are abundant. .