The pursuit of happiness

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    Cookie Monster 2posted 5 years ago

    As we go through life we are always searching for  happiness, but one we get it we get greedy and want more, and as we  evolve as humans the need to develop and expand gets greater, we loose sight of the important things, the basic skills we used to have and need, we spend so much time wanting everything now rather than taking small steps, we are loosing so much, in ten years you'll go to a museum to see what books, CDs, records, DVDs and videos, with all this great technology must come with great fear, don't get lost in it, remember it is still better to talk to someone face to face rather than text, email, Facebook or Skype go see friends, go for walks together, go for a drive, sit on the beach and read a book, just do something like this so you know how fun it is to do something real and not just live your life on line, go on that's why there is an off switch now use it!!

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    paradigmsearchposted 5 years ago

    I agree with this. I, for one, know I should get out more.

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    hubclairepageposted 5 years ago

    I agree. Humans would always live their life wanting for more and as much as possible ( which really is have made possible) get things faster, work things faster and at times forgets to slow down forgets what need there is versus wants, importance versus pleasure. I wish even just for a day, our lives can get to be controlled by a remote control and we can take things back and see what good things we may have not seen and done or realize.