Alcohol and Drug Treatment

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    Anithashreeposted 4 years ago
    We offer a continuum of care for those suffering from alcohol or other drug abuse beginning with an initial evaluation with the clinical director or an equally qualified and licensed substance abuse counselor. We offer an “ambulatory detox” or outpatient detox services that often utilize the same medications one might receive while in a hospital setting. The patient can continue to work and live at home while beginning an outpatient treatment regimen created just for them. We can provide individual, group, family and medication management services to those seeking treatment for substance abuse. Most, if not all, of these services are covered by insurance. If not, we will make a payment plan to allow virtually anyone access to these services. We only ask that you come prepared to do the work necessary to make recovery from substance abuse a reality for you. The Ringer Center offers the only Intensive Outpatient Programs in the Greensboro area that meet in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. No matter what your schedule we can design a program that will work for you.

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    Anithashreeposted 4 years ago